Interesting facts about soy sauce

The traditional oriental seasoning is now widely used by Europeans. The secret of its popularity lies in its original taste and health benefits.

Soy sauce is a bean fermentation product. Raw materials are pre-prepared: soybeans are boiled and softened. Then the resulting gruel is mixed with wheat or barley flour. All this is fermented. The taste, color and saturation of the sauce will depend on the aging period: this period can be equal to 40 days, or maybe 3 years. Usually there are two types of sauces: light - short-aging - and dark - rich. Both of them are used for marinating meat, dressing salads, making other sauces (mushroom, shrimp).

Soy sauce has a special base taste called (旨 味 umami ?, "good taste") in Japanese, which is responsible for naturally occurring monosodium glutamate. Umami was included in the basic flavors list in 1908.

In ancient China, a seasoning was prepared from fermented fish with the addition of soybeans. Over time, this dish became jianyu soy sauce. Over time, soy sauce spread throughout Asia.

In the 18th century, the sauce became popular in Europe; the “sun king” Louis XIV called it “black gold”. Isaac Titsing released a recipe for making soy sauce (although this is not the first publication of the recipe, it is the first Japanese sauce recipe to become famous in the West.

The modern industrial preparation of the sauce differs from the traditional one, the method of acid hydrolysis is used. At the same time, the fermentation time is significantly reduced, however, the final product is inferior to the natural one in taste and aroma.

Soy sauce is good for your health. Legumes contain a large amount of vegetable protein, which can be a real substitute for meat products. In addition, the seasoning contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. The chemical composition of the sauce helps to slow down the aging of the body.

The lactic acid bacteria involved in fermentation improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and the seasoning is also useful for treating allergies. In addition, properly prepared soy sauce contains the sea salt that the body needs.

Soy sauce is easy to store. Due to the aseptic properties of the product, it not only does not need special conditions, but also allows you to preserve the properties of seasoned dishes for a longer time.