Interesting facts about Martini

The well-known symbol of the sweet life - Martini - is far from a new drink. Its history is more than 2 thousand years old. It is known that even Hippocrates noticed that this aged white wine, mixed with the flowers of artemisia and wild star anise, has medicinal properties and was used to treat digestion and relieve stress.

It is known from history that this drink gained popularity after Alessandro Martini, a young sales agent and Luigi Rossi, a famous herbalist and herbalist, came to the Distelleria Nazionale Di Spirito Di Vino company, which specialized in the sale of wines, liqueurs and vermouth. that set the business on a fundamentally new path - increasing sales of vermouth. And these young people did not lose - the profits from Martini sales went up sharply. By the way, it was Luigi Rossi who, without changing the composition of the Piedmont bouquet, brought it to perfection, having come to that unique composition of herbs (more than 100 names), spices and wine, which is still used in this drink today.

Interestingly, Martini is James Bond's favorite cocktail. His magic rule is "Mix, but do not stir."

It is interesting that President Roosevelt, after the long-awaited abolition of Prohibition in the United States, drank Martini and this was his first alcoholic cocktail in a long time of ban.

According to marketing research in Russia, the share of sales of Martini vermouth in the segment of imported premium alcohol is 51%.

Attention: pure Martini vermouth is drunk in a special low glass with a slice of lemon and ice cubes - if it is Bianco, Rose or Extra Dry, and Martini Rosso - with a slice of orange. Cocktails based on Martini are drunk from a cocktail glass on a long stem. It is customary not to drink martini in one gulp, but to sip slowly and exquisitely.

Martini based cocktails are served at all the best parties as Martini is an irreplaceable attribute of success and life in the style of "glamor", it is extremely fashionable and prestigious: "No Martini - No party!" - words of George Clooney.

Today Gwyneth Paltrow is recognized as the new face of Martini in Italy. Her advertising slogan: My Martini, please!

Interestingly, there is a $ 10, 000 Martini cocktail that is served in the bar of the famous Algonquin hotel in New York. The high price of this cocktail is due to the fact that it contains a real rimless diamond lying at the bottom of the glass.

Interestingly, the King of Italy Umberto I gave his highest resolution of the image of the royal coat of arms on the Martini label.

Interestingly, if you enjoy the taste of Martini every day for 1200 months, you can be sure that you will live 100 years.