The most harmful restaurant in the world

In 2005, American fitness trainer John Basso made a disappointing conclusion for himself: it makes no sense to convince people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Much more income can be generated by a business based on bad habits. And then John abruptly changed the direction of his business.

The former fitness promoter decided to open the world's most harmful restaurant in Chandler, Arizona. He called it very eloquently - "Heart Attack" and turned his establishment into a real kingdom of gluttony. The owner of the restaurant does not hide the fact that visitors are offered only unhealthy foods that have a huge amount of calories.

Now John Basso assures that diets are extremely dangerous to health and cause depression. Therefore, the signature dish in "Heart Attack" is a giant burger consisting of 900 g of cutlets, half an onion, a whole tomato, 16 pieces of bacon and 8 pieces of cheese. As a result - 9, 980 calories, which is a kind of record in the most harmful dish in the world of harmfulness of the dish.

Whoever masters this giant sandwich will be taken to the car in a wheelchair by a waitress disguised as a nurse. And if the client's weight is more than 350 pounds, which is almost 160 kg, then as a gift he receives an additional free dish from the establishment.

The menu explicitly states that french fries are made with real bacon and contain the most cholesterol in any dish in the world. However, the whole atmosphere of the restaurant reminds of the dangers of such food. In addition to portraying the waitresses as nurses, visitors are given special aprons that resemble hospital pajamas. And the restaurant's motto, Taste to Die for, also speaks volumes. Customers are referred to as patients and orders as prescriptions.

It would seem that the Heart Attack restaurant is no different from other fast food establishments, because the dangers of fast food have been known for a long time. But the highlight of John Basso's restaurant is that information about the health hazards of visitors is literally advertised. And all the not probably harmful, but equally delicious food is served by young fit waitresses in erotic nurse costumes.

The restaurant does not even burden itself with advertising costs: it has enough regular customers who, in turn, bring their friends and acquaintances to this unusual establishment.

"Heart attack" is regularly criticized by advocates of healthy eating, but it is clearly not in danger of being shut down. There is no end to clients. It seems John Basso was right - bad habits are a great way to make money. The restaurant's website directly states that everyone is responsible for themselves, and when making an order, they must realize the consequences