Interesting facts about lemonade

There is a legend that lemonade appeared during the reign of the French king Louis XIV. Moreover, this drink appeared due to the negligence of the royal servant, who was sent to the cellar in order to bring wine to the monarch. But, returning back, the servant suddenly noticed with horror that instead of wine he poured lemon ale. In order to somehow correct the oversight, he diluted it with mineral water and served this dubious drink to the king. Surprisingly, Louis liked it so much that he ordered the drink to be served daily.

Lemonade soon spread throughout Europe. For a long time it was prepared according to the "recipe" of a royal servant: lemon juice was diluted with mineral water. But, in 1767, the Englishman Joseph Priestley developed a saturator - a pump with which drinks were saturated with gas. The idea was picked up by the German entrepreneur Jacob Schwepp, who first set up the industrial production of saturators, and then carbonated drinks, which were named "J. Schweppes & Co".

At that time, only wealthy people could afford to buy such drinks, the production technology was quite expensive. Everything changed in 1833, when they began to use synthesized citric acid instead of lemon juice for the production of lemonade, which made the drink cheap.

In Russia, lemonade appeared thanks to Peter the Great, who brought the recipe from Europe. As in Europe, this drink was considered elite in our country for a long time, only noblemen and rich merchants could afford lemonade.

There is even an article about lemonade in the famous Brockhaus and Efron dictionary. By the way, it contains a warning that some unscrupulous manufacturers are replacing natural ingredients with artificial essences. The naive compilers of the dictionary did not even imagine that in the 21st century, almost all carbonated drinks would be made this way.

In the Soviet Union, lemonade literally became a national drink: the country produced dozens of types of carbonated water from a variety of berries, fruits and herbs. A native of the Kutaisi province, Mitrofan Varlamovich Lagidze became known to the whole world as the creator of world famous soft drinks. Lagidze opened his first plant even before the revolution, and in Soviet times he became the director of a large enterprise in Tbilisi. It was from this plant that lemonade was supplied for the participants of the Yalta conference in 1945. US President Franklin Roosevelt liked the drink so much that he took 2, 000 bottles with him.