Interesting facts about pizza

The first pizzeria in the world was opened in Naples, Italy in 1738 and was called Antica Pizzeria. There are tens of thousands of pizzerias in Italy now. Most of them - 800 - are concentrated in Naples. The number of pizzas produced in the world only by Italians exceeds 2 billion 500 million annually.

For more than twenty-three years, starting in 1987, October has been officially recognized as National Pizza Month in the United States. This alone speaks of the incredible love of Americans for these Italian flatbreads.

When ordering pizza at home, we assume that they will bring us something compact and in a small box. Residents of the town of Mount Pleasant, in the USA, can take advantage of the delivery of a real giant in the world of custom-made pizzas: products with a diameter of 1 m 21 cm.

The pizza maker is called pizzaioli. Representatives of this profession also have their own “professional skills competition”. The Guinness Book contains a record for a Domino's employee who can make three impressive pizzas in less than 50 seconds. And here are other pizza records:

  • The longest oblong pizza - 240 m long - was made in 2005 by the bakers of the town of Pesaro. The previous record did not belong to the homeland of pizza, but to Israel.
  • The most expensive pizza is considered to be the pizza for 8300 euros, which is prepared in the city of Agropoli in southern Italy. The diameter of this pizza is 20 cm and it is called "Louis XIII". Such a high price is determined by a set of ingredients: a special type of flour, red Australian Murray River salt, Tuna, lobster, lobster caviar is used in the filling, and all this is poured with Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac,
  • The largest pizza order was placed on August 19, 1998 by VF Corporation of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The order was completed by Little Caesar's. She delivered 13, 386 pizzas to 40, 160 employees in 180 different locations in the United States.

Italian gourmets can not only enjoy the excellent taste of pizza, but also its aroma. Perfumer Ducho Kreshi has released a new collection with notes of pizza.

There is a known case when pizza was prescribed instead of medicine. The doctor advised a young man suffering from varicose veins to eat pizza with a high percentage of cholesterol, so that the substance was deposited on the walls of blood vessels and constricted them. True, the usefulness of such treatment can be challenged by any doctor ... But what pizza really helps a person as a food product is that it reduces the risk of cancer cells in the oral cavity and esophagus.

Doctors have also proven that regular consumption of pizza is an excellent prevention of heart attack. One of the earliest manifestations of schizophrenia is the misperception of smells. So, a patient who has caught the scent of oranges in the air takes it for the smell of a freshly baked pizza. Pizza has its own professional holiday - Pizzafest, which is held, of course, in Italy. Although guests from all over the world come to the celebrations. They already really want to taste as many varieties of Italian pizza as possible and confess their love for their adored food. The USA is considered a country where pizza is very fond of. But judging by the statistics, Europeans respect her more. The average inhabitant of the Old World absorbs up to 300 kilos of product per year. On the account of an ordinary American - only 46 annual pieces.

Pizza is the main culprit in the fact that 7 million official papers have to be thrown into the trash cans in the world every year. Very many office workers love to eat it on the job ...

If you love pizza, but do not know how to cook it, you can buy a Pizza Machine, which independently prepares pizza from the products loaded into it. The whole process from kneading the dough to dispensing packaged pizza takes about 3 minutes, with some ingredients you can choose by yourself, and you can also watch the process through a glass screen.

A laptop case was made in the form of a pizza box. This is believed to reduce the risk of kidnapping. This tricky gadget is called Power Pizza.