Interesting facts about the banquet for the Nobel laureates

Anyone can watch the ceremony of awarding the Nobel Prize laureates in our time, the broadcast is broadcasted to many countries of the world. But the banquet for the laureates is no less interesting event. It is an integral part of the celebration, but only a few can get there, the number of places is strictly regulated. Moreover, certain rituals are observed that have not changed for many years.

The banquet starts on December 10 of each year at exactly 19:00. The winners of the prestigious prize, together with the King and Queen of Sweden, descend into the hall, where the invited persons are already waiting for them. Each laureate can invite guests, but there is one condition - no more than 16 people. The king is paired with one of the award-winning women. If there were none, then with the wife of the laureate-physicist.

At the beginning of the event, two obligatory toasts are heard. The first of them is for the monarch, that is, the king of Sweden, the second is for the founder of the Alfred Nobel Prize. In no case should you change their order.

Since 1974, the banquet has been held in the Blue Hall of the City Hall in Stockholm. About 1300 people gather, each guest is given a distance of 60 centimeters, no more, no less. Among the guests there are certainly talented students who in the future have a chance to receive the Nobel Prize.

The menu changes every year, but it is dominated by Scandinavian cuisine. What exactly will be served this year is kept in the strictest confidence. True, there is one unchanging tradition - ice cream is always served for dessert.

Long before the gala dinner, work begins on the menu. Moreover, the individual preferences of the Nobel laureates are also taken into account. For example, if one of them is allergic to a certain product, they will definitely replace it with another dish. Naturally, national traditions are also observed. In 1991 a new banquet service was produced. A special teacup was ordered for Princess Liliana, who does not drink coffee.

The entire service cost the organizers a decent amount - more than one and a half million dollars. But, each piece looks like a small piece of art.

The waiters, and there are more than 200 of them, have a huge responsibility. Dishes cannot be heated, therefore it is necessary to serve all guests in 2 minutes. Only for ice cream a little more time is given - 3 minutes. All movements of the waiters are carefully rehearsed. Serving such banquets is considered a great honor and recognition of their skill for them.

Exactly at 22 hours 15 minutes the second part of the banquet begins - the dance part. The event ends late - at half past one in the morning.

Those who are not on the guest list need not despair. In the restaurant "Town Hall Cellar", which is located in the same building, you can order any dish from the Nobel laureates' menu, starting from 1901. The pleasure will cost about $ 200. The restaurant is clearly not experiencing a shortage of customers; about 20, 000 people visit it a year.