Interesting facts about kebab

It is probably pointless to try now to establish the country where the world's first barbecue was prepared. People, having barely learned how to make fire, began to cook meat on it. But, most likely, this dish, in the modern sense, began to be cooked in the East, where the original traditions of meat preparation developed.

Interesting Kebab Facts:

  1. In Russia, they also cooked something similar to a shashlik. The carcasses of animals were cooked on a spit, such meat was called "spit". In Leonid Gaidai's comedy "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession", "rabbit kidneys twisted" are mentioned. But, only wealthy people could afford such a luxury.
  2. The very word "shashlik" came from the Turkic language. Gradually, it migrated to different languages ​​of the world. It is even mentioned in the famous dictionary of Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl, where a definition is given that "shish kebab" is "kusovaya mutton strung on rods, fried on coals."
  3. The city of Ulyanovsk is famous for its unusual monuments. For example, one of them is dedicated to the letter "E"; it was installed in 2005 on Venets Boulevard. It turns out that in the same year in Lenin's homeland, a monument to barbecue was opened. This building is located on Federation Street, next to one of the kebabs.
  4. One person can cook a barbecue for a small company. But in 2014, in Kazan, 200 people were immediately attracted for such work. True, the barbecue itself turned out to be impressive - 180 meters long. It took as much as 200 kilograms of meat and half a ton of charcoal.
  5. In the years 1858-1859 the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, the father, made a long journey across Russia. The distinguished guest visited St. Petersburg, then the Volga region and the Caucasus. There he was treated to a barbecue. Dumas was delighted with such a dish. Barely returning to France, he opened the first barbecue in Paris, which soon became very popular with local gourmets.
  6. Shashlik is very popular in Armenia, where it is called "khorovats". Every year in August, in the Armenian village of Akhtala, the Shashlik Festival is held, which attracts masters of its preparation from all over Armenia. Moreover, this event is very democratic, not only professionals, but also amateurs can take part in it.
  7. An important role in the preparation of barbecue is played not only by high-quality meat, but also by the firewood on which this meat will be cooked. It is believed that the vine is best suited for this, which burns well, creating a stable uniform heat and saturating the meat with excellent taste and aroma. But, the vine also has its disadvantage. For example, in Central Russia it is almost impossible to find it. Therefore, you have to look for a replacement - alder, oak, birch or fruit wood.
  8. The comedy "Sportloto-82" mentions the Mangal station, where the seekers of the winning lottery ticket went, trying to catch up with their fellow traveler Misha, who happened to have that lucky ticket in the book. Filming took place in Crimea, where director Gaidai previously worked on the films "The Diamond Arm" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus". In fact, Mangal is just a fiction of the filmmakers. There is no station with such a "barbecue" name in Crimea.