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  1. The term "vegetarian" itself appeared relatively recently - in the 19th century. Before that, people who did not eat meat were called "Pythagoreans". The great philosopher and mathematician ate only bread, vegetables and honey. Many of his followers also removed meat from their diet. Pythagoras himself was sure that people, after death, are reincarnated into animals. And that means - you can't eat your own kind.
  2. British psychologist Hank Rothgerber found that one in three vegetarians, while intoxicated, deviate from their principles and begin to eat meat. This conclusion Rothgerber made after an anonymous survey of vegetarians.
  3. A famous vegetarian was Albert Einstein. He believed that it was plant foods that helped him improve memory. Einstein. According to him, vegetarianism brings not only great benefits to the body, but also preserves life on earth. Critics, however, argue that Einstein was not a strict vegetarian, but completely gave up meat only a year before his death.
  4. A new direction of vegetarianism is gaining popularity in Australia - Kangatarism. His followers eat kangaroo meat and refuse other types of meat. Moreover, they do this not for ethical reasons, but only because of the belief that kangaroo meat is low in fat and cholesterol, and it is easily absorbed by the body.
  5. Many have tried to become vegetarians. Until, not everyone is able to stay that way all their life. Four out of five potential vegetarians returned to eating meat within the first year. But, they argue that there is much less of it than before they tried to become vegetarians.
  6. Does vegetarianism affect life expectancy? As an example, a peasant from England, Thomas Parr, is often cited, who lived on only plant foods for 152 years. At the age of 120, he entered into a second marriage. They also say that vegetarians rarely have an inflamed appendix, fewer heart problems and high blood pressure.
  7. Vegetarians are found even among bodybuilders. For instance. Meat was not consumed, for example, Bill Pearl. But, this did not stop him from winning the title of "Mr. Universe" four times. Moreover, he won the last victory at a respectable age - 41 years old. But after giving up meat, Bill continued to eat milk and eggs, believing that they provided the necessary protein for building muscle. In his best years, the weight of the athlete was 110 kg.
  8. The first vegetarian society was formed in England in 1847. Its members have tried to refute the belief that vegetarianism is incompatible with good health and longevity. In Russia, the first such society appeared at the very beginning of the twentieth century - in 1901. And most of all vegetarians live in India - about 70% of their total number on our planet.
  9. Adherents of vegetarianism even have their own holiday. In 1977, the North American Vegetarian Society proposed that World Vegetarian Day be celebrated on October 1 every year. A year later, this idea was supported by the International Vegetarian Union.