The interesting life of Bob Marley

Unfortunately, his words and fame began to reach people when Bob was gone. His songs are very sunny and inspiring. Bob Marley is a legend of his time. Much time has passed since his death, but today he is the most famous reggae musician.

Robert Nesta Marley was born in Jamaica on February 6, 1945. Father - Norval Marley did not live with his family, but helped with financial problems, visited his son. When Marley was 10 years old, his father died.

As a child, Bob Marley predicted fate along the lines of the hand, so he was famous in his village.

As a teenager, Bob Marley was an ore boy, constantly emphasized his contempt for danger, shaved his bald head and generally mowed like a tough guy. In the late 50s, he and his mother moved to Kingston's Trenchtown area. He soon met Bunny (Neville Livingston). She became close friends. Bob dropped out of school and got a job as a welder. He spent most of his free time with Bunny, they listened to the radio and were mesmerized by the versatility of the songs. They were engaged in the development of their vocal abilities, attended the lessons of Joe Higgis. In 1962, impressed by Bob's vocals, Leslie Kong suggested that he try to record in his studio. Thanks to this, the first song "Judge Not" appeared, then other songs. And at this moment Bob Marley and Bunny form the group "The Wailing Wailers".

The group's first single, "Simmer Down", had a circulation of over 80, 000 copies and sold out. In addition, he took 1st place in the Jamaica hit parade for two months. In 1966, the group broke up.

After moving to his mother in the USA, he worked at an automobile plant, but realized that it was not his and returned to his homeland, where he created the group "The Wailers". The group could not gain popularity for a long time, but in 1972 they signed a contract with an international company and recorded the album "Catch A Fire". It was he who brought popularity to the group and the song "I Shot The Sheriff" became an international hit. Over time, many countries knew about the group, they were recognized.

Bob Marley was assassinated in 1976 and wounded. But not all the same he performed at all concerts with the words: "There is too much evil in the world and I have no right to waste even one day in vain."

In 1966, Bob met Rita Anderson, and they got married on February 10. But throughout life, the family was not always all right. At first, Bob spent a lot of time at work, and rarely saw Rita. After fame came to him, he toured and devoted even less time to his family, his wife was alone at home with children and sometimes without money. Bob Marley was a very gullible person, he believed people, and people took advantage of this and profited in all available ways, not giving him money for his work. According to relatives, Bob was so open and trusting that he did not even close the car door when he left.

Bob Marley and Rita had 4 children, two girls and two boys.

An interesting fact is that Bob had a lot of illegitimate children and no one knows how many there were. And today there are people who say that they are his children.

Although the list from the official website says that he had 11 children. The first was Rita's Daughter - Sharon from a previous relationship, but he raised her like his own.

In addition to his 4 biological children and Sharon, Bob's son, Robbie Marley, lived with them. Almost nothing is known about his mother.

The sixth child is Rohan Marley. His mom, Janet Hunt, was Bob's friend.

The seventh child is Karen Marley. Her mom Janet Bowen gave birth to her in 1973.

The eighth was Stephanie Marley. Today she lives in the Bahamas and oversees the construction of the family-run Marley Resort & Spa.

The ninth child is Julian Marley. His mother Lucy Pounder gave birth to him in London. He is engaged in music.

The tenth child is Kaimani Marley. His mother is the famous table tennis champion Anita Belneyvis.

The eleventh child is Damian Marley. I think many of us have heard his tracks, he is still popular today. He is Bob's youngest son. His mother is Cindy Brakespeare (Miss World 1976). Today he performs periodically with his brothers Stephen and Julian.

According to other versions, this is not the whole list of Bob Marley's children.

Marley died of cancer. In July 1977, he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on the big toe. He was offered an operation - to amputate a finger, but he refused, explaining that his religion would not accept it. He had very intensive treatment, but it did not help and on May 11, 1981 he died in the hospital.

The last words that Marley said to his son: "You can't buy life with money."

According to the BBC, Bob Marley's song "One Love" is the penalty of the millennium.

In February 2001, Bob Marley received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was awarded a Grammy.

“In fact, anyone will hurt you. You just have to find someone who is worth your suffering. "