5 facts about Disney cartoons

1. It turns out that the mouse Gadget from the cartoon "Chip and Dale Rushing to the Rescue" is actually called Gadget.

In fact, in the original cartoon about the chipmunks, Chip and Dale, their inventive girlfriend is called Gadget Hackwrench. "Gadget" appeared in Russian dubbing. In 1991, when the cartoon was released in our country, the word "gadget" became completely new for Russia, and it was decided to give the mouse a more understandable name - Gadget.

2. A small robot Wall-E was named after Walter Elias Disney.

In the English transcription, this is clearly visible: Walter Elias Disney and Wall-E.

3. Aladdin's image was copied from Tom Cruise and MC Hammer, and Genie - from Robin Williams.

When creating the appearance of the main character for the new cartoon "Aladdin" in 1988, the artists of the Disney studio decided to copy his image from the popular at that time actor Michael Jay Fox ("Back to the Future"). But the result did not satisfy the head animator Glen Ken, and Aladdin's appearance underwent some changes. So, to add brutality to the hero, the artists added the features of Tom Cruise to his face, and the famous harem pants were borrowed from the rapper MC Hammer.

Gene was modeled after comic actor Robin Williams. By the way, it was he who voiced the Genie in the cartoon.

4. Mickey Mouse ears are always round.

The artists gave Mickey Mouse one oddity: regardless of the angle from which you look at the mouse, his ears remain unchanged - two black circles at the top of his head.

5. Alyssa Milano is the prototype for Disney's The Little Mermaid.

"The Little Mermaid" is one of the most famous cartoons of the Walt Disney film studio.

Ariel was literally redrawn from 11-year-old Alyssa Milano, who was filming at the time in the TV series Who's the Boss? In addition to a similar appearance and characteristic bangs, the Little Mermaid was endowed with some features and demeanor of Alissa.