The most famous anti-awards in the world

The TRUE Stella Awards is an annual award given to the most ridiculous court decision in the United States. It is named after Stella Liebeck, who spilled coffee on herself in one of the McDonald's restaurants in 1992, after which she filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, where the jury awarded her $ 2.9 million in compensation.

The Nobel Prize (Ignobel Prize, Antinobel Prize, Ig Nobel Prize) is a parody of the Nobel Prize, where the most ridiculous and useless research is awarded. Ten Nobel Prizes are awarded in early October, that is, at the time when the real Nobel Prize winners are named, and the real Nobel laureates are presented to its applicants, and the awards ceremony takes place at Harvard and is broadcast on American television and radio in several languages. The award was established in 1991 by Mark Abrahams and the comic magazine Annals of Incredible Research.

The Darwin Awards is a virtual prize awarded annually to individuals who in the most stupid way died or lost their reproductive function and as a result deprived themselves of the opportunity to contribute to the gene pool of humanity, thereby improving it. A prerequisite for receiving an award is the complete absence of direct descendants.

Golden Raspberry is an anti-award invented in 1981 by American John Wilson, celebrating the worst acting, script, direction, film and film of the year. Traditionally, the Golden Raspberry nominees are announced the day before the Oscar nominees are announced, the laureates - the day before the Oscar winners. The prize is a plastic raspberry covered in gold paint from a spray bottle priced at $ 5.

"Silver galosh" - an award established by the radio "Silver Rain", presented "for the most dubious achievements in the field of show business." Established in 1996, the author of the idea of ​​the award Pavel Vashchekin, the ceremony is held annually.

The anti-award "Glass bolt" was established in 2011 by blogger Ilya Varlamov and is awarded for stupid or malicious decisions of Moscow officials involved in the "arrangement" of the city. The laureates are awarded with the "Glass Bolt" statuette - a symbol of closeness and curvature. Since 2012, the award has been declared All-Russian

Chicken Little Award (named after Walt Disney's main character Chicken Chicken), full title The "Chicken Little" Award for Exaggerated Predictions About the Impending Destruction of Our Environment) is a comic award established by the Center for National Concern at the same time as the Julian Simon Prize, awarded for a sober view of the same issues.

Lanterne rouge (French Lanterne rouge; red light) - cyclist who took the last place in the overall standings of the Tour de France; also the title of the prize awarded to this athlete. The name comes from the red lantern on the last carriage of the train.

World Foolishness Award is an award established in 2003 to honor the most outstanding achievements in the field of stupidity and ignorance. The award was sponsored by the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. The 2005 ceremony was held on July 22 in Montreal.

Literary anti-award "Paragraph" has been awarded since autumn 2001 in four nominations: "Worst proofreading", "Worst translation", "Worst editing" and "Complete paragraph" (for complete violation of all book publishing norms). For "especially cynical crimes against Russian literature" awarded "Honorary ignorance". "Prizewinners" are determined by a special expert council based on the readers' opinions sent to the editorial office of the "Knizhnoye Obozreniye" newspaper.