Interesting facts about the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you are interested in the world of show business, then you have probably heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a 5.6 kilometer track that runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, California., on which the stars of the stage and screen often kneel.

Created in 1958 and strewn with stars, the path currently contains about 2, 500 stars, and about 25 new stars are added each year. This is a truly unique and lasting homage and recognition to our favorite stars, however, there is sometimes much more behind the stories of these stars than we first think.

To get a star on the Walk of Fame, you need to make a big contribution to one of five areas of entertainment - film, television, music, radio or theater. It is very rare for someone outside of Hollywood to be deemed worthy enough for such an honor.

However, the Walk of Fame Committee has been known to deviate from the rules when outside contributions were particularly invaluable. For example, in January 1993, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr, and Michael Collins received a plaque for their “contributions into the television industry ”, in connection with their historic moon landing, which was broadcast in homes around the world. Instead of a star, their plaque represented the Moon, containing their names, their landing date, and the name Apollo XI.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the second California governor to receive a star, and the first was Ronald Reagan, who is also the only US president ever to receive such an honor. The former president, for his part, has appeared in more than fifty films, as well as several television productions, and even served as president of the Screen Actors Guild during his acting years.

Several other politicians have also received stars for acting, including George Murphy, Helen Gahagan, William Harrison Hays, and former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

During the history of the Walk of Fame, four stars have been stolen, each weighing about 136 kilograms. Kirk Douglas and James Stewart's stars were stolen in 2000 when they were temporarily removed for repairs. They were later found in the home of one of the construction workers, but both stars had to be remodeled as they suffered significant damage. Gene Autry also lost one of his five stars at a construction site.

In the last but not least theft, Gregory Peck's star was rudely ripped out, with thieves using a concrete saw to remove the star from its place. The original Autry and Peck stars were never discovered and eventually had to be replaced.

While many families boast more than one star on the Walk of Fame, the only family to receive the most accolades is the Barrymores, who have earned at least seven stars. John and his brother Lionel (who has two), their sister Ethel, uncle Sidney Drew, John Drew, and Drew are all represented on the Walk of Fame.

However, the stars of the family are not just piled up. The location of the stars on the Walk of Fame is determined methodically, for example, world famous icons of the genre are usually located near the Grauman's Chinese Theater (TCL Chinese Theater), and Oscar winners - near the Dolby Theater, so that both were on Hollywood Boulevard. Drew Barrymore's star was located right in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, cementing her legacy as a scion of the Hollywood royal family.

The Munchkins are the lovable people of the Blue Country that were introduced in the 1939s in The Wizard of Oz, one of the most famous Hollywood classics of all time. The Munchkins were played by 124 actors, as well as several child actresses who were selected for their relative height to adults. In 2007, all 124 gummies were honored with stars on the Walk of Fame. The Munchkin Star represents 112 adults and 12 children, the largest group of individual actors represented by a single star.

One would think that the Avenue of Glory would maintain an impeccable order and an accurate register of the location of the stars, but this, apparently, is not so, because the two stars seemed to have disappeared into thin air and they still cannot be found. To date, the stars of opera singer Richard Crooks and actress Geraldine Farrar remain missing. Whether overlooked, stolen, or simply never identified, their whereabouts continue to be one of the Walk of Fame's biggest secrets.

Fans can do some pretty crazy things when they finally see their idols' stars for the first time. From simple messages and drawings, to smashing and extracting pieces for memory, people's love seems to know no bounds. Luckily for Julio Iglesias, his fans are mostly older women. Once a month, a group of his dedicated fans washes and polishes his star, always keeping it in top condition.

Another Walk of Fame fan, John “Mr Starshine” Peterson, also spends his days cleaning and polishing the stars in the Walk. Living only on donations from tourists, passers-by and grateful merchants, he is usually somewhere on the Alley, with his cleaning products and rags, and cleans the stars from morning to evening.

The alley contains various signs for people sharing the same surname. In fact, the surname "Williams" can be found on 15 different stars. Several stars also bear the same name, even if they represent different artists - for example, there are two Robin Williams, two Harrison Fords, and two Michael Jacksons, to name just a few.

These duplicates have often led to cases of misidentification, such as in the case of Michael Jackson's star. After the death of King of Pop in 2009, fans left candles, flowers and other memorabilia on his star, or so they thought. As it turns out, the radio host also named Michael Jackson has his own star, and fans mistakenly left all of these things to him.

On his 50th birthday in 1978, Mickey Mouse became the first animated character to be awarded a star on the Walk of Fame. Bugs Bunny got his star a few years later, in 1985. Other noteworthy fictional characters with real stars include: Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck, Tinker Bell, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Shrek (Shrek), and The Simpsons.

In 2004, Godzilla became the first monster to receive a star, 50 years after its debut on the big screen, and a few hours before the release of its latest movie, Godzilla: Final Wars. The canine characters Strongheart and Lassie received their stars in 1960 and then Rin Tin Tin in 1963, in honor of all the dogs that played their roles masterfully and won our hearts again. and again.

Most of us know Muhammad Ali as the world boxing champion, but few know that he is also a public figure and the hero of numerous books and films. In fact, his promotion of religious freedom, racial justice, and his often contradictory statements led the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor his correspondence, and his refusal to fight in Vietnam led to his arrest and confiscation of the champion title. World Heavyweight Championship.

In 2002, following the release of Ali's film, the Walk of Fame Committee broke with tradition and installed a Mohammed Ali star on the wall of the Dolby Theater complex, instead of inserting its sidewalk as tradition dictated. This was done after Ali noted that he did not want people to trample the star with the name of the Prophet.