Dangerous concerts of HANATARASH

In 1984, musician Yamantaka Ai founded a Japanese noise performance group called Hanatarash. The name translates as "crybaby" or "snotty nose". The group has used many unusual objects in their work to create noise, including power tools and heavy equipment.

Through such concerts, Hanatarash quickly gained notoriety. During one of them, for example, Ai cut a dead cat in half with a machete right on the stage. In another, he tied a circular saw to his back and severely injured his leg. In the third, Ay broke the club wall with a bulldozer. And before the concert in Tokyo in 1985, all the spectators who came were asked to sign a waiver of claims against the musicians in connection with the possibility of harm to their health, before they were allowed into the hall.

The show was stopped when it became clear that Ai was about to throw a Molotov cocktail onto the stage. The group "Hanatarash" was banned from performing until 1990, and then forced to abandon their "calling card" - violence on stage.