How many movie actors played the role of Sherlock Holmes

In terms of the number of film adaptations (there are more than 200), the adventures of the detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson broke all records. And the role of Holmes himself was played by about 80 actors.

The very first film adaptation of the hero of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle took place at the dawn of world cinema. In 1900, the American director Arthur Marvin shot a 30-second video called "Sherlock Holmes Baffled". The robber who climbed into Holmes's living room was discovered by the detective himself. But the criminal had an amazing talent - he could disappear into thin air. This allowed him to escape, and Holmes himself was extremely puzzled. Here is such an unpretentious plot. But the names of the actors of this "film masterpiece" have not survived.

In 1905, an English director filmed The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This time the name of the actor who played the role of the genius of the deductive method has been preserved - it was the American Gilbert M. Anderson.

Basil Rathbone played Holmes in 14 films (a record!) From 1939 to 1946. By the way, he did not have an acting education; before the start of his film career, Rathbone served as an insurance agent.

Among the eighty actors who had a chance to play the role of Sherlock Holmes, there is even one black - this is Sam Robinson.

1984 to 1994 in Great Britain the series "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", starring Jeremy Brett, was a success. The real name of the actor is Huggins. But, in his youth, when Jeremy decided to start an acting career, his father considered that this was an unworthy occupation for a serious man and forbade him to act in films under his real name. I had to take a pseudonym.

There are many actors who played the role of Holmes. But which of them was the best? Even the British admit that our compatriot Vasily Borisovich Livanov was the best in the role of a genius detective. He starred in several films about Holmes in the seventies and eighties of the last century.

Despite the fact that the shooting of the film took place not in London, but in Leningrad, Tallinn and Riga, the British were delighted with the performance of Vasily Lanovoy and Vitaly Solomin, who no less brilliantly played Dr. Watson.

After watching the film, the daughter of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle enthusiastically said about Vasily Livanov: "Had my father got to see the play of this Russian actor, he would be happy."

In 2006, when Vasily Livanov turned 70, British Ambassador to Russia Anthony Brenton presented the actor with the Order of the British Empire badge. And in 2007, the 120th anniversary of the first story about Sherlock Holmes was celebrated. A collectible coin featuring a literary hero was issued in the Cook Islands. More precisely, with a portrait of Vasily Livanov as Holmes.