The stormtrooper effect and other cliches of cinema and literature

It is quite difficult to surprise the modern viewer with plot twists in films and works. This is due to the fact that in most cases it is difficult to come up with something new. Therefore, in the course of the plot, common cliches are used, depriving the creation of originality, since the author's intention becomes predictable. And so I bring to your attention an overview of the most famous "pianos" of cinema and literature:

Stormtrooper effect - when the "cannon fodder" is completely unable to harm the main characters, despite good training. The name comes from the Imperial stormtroopers from the classic Star Wars trilogy, who, despite shooting at close range, good weapons and good performance in combat with minor characters, were completely unable to cope with the main characters.

Redshirts is a cinematic stamp, the essence of which is that in television series, positive episodic characters appear in the frame only to die a terrible death, thereby warning of the danger of the main characters.

Law of Ninja Conservation - according to which one ninja poses an almost mortal danger to the protagonist, while ten simultaneously attacking ninja will be defeated almost without problems.

Rule of attack one by one - when the opponents of the positive character, instead of attacking simultaneously and quickly defeating the hero, surpassing him in number, attack him one by one or in small detachments, giving the hero the opportunity to defeat the enemies one by one

The Scream Queen is the role of an actress who often appears in horror films or often appears on the screen as a victim, pursued by a monster or a maniac, or regularly plays the main female roles in films of this genre.