Interesting facts about "Mosfilm"

January 30 marks the 95th anniversary of our famous film studio "Mosfilm". The date of birth of the film studio is called the day when the first full-length silent film entitled "On the Wings Up", directed by Boris Mikhin, was released on the screens of the country.

The monument "Worker and Collective Farm Woman" by the sculptor Vera Mukhina is associated, perhaps, not so much with the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, where this monument is located, as with the Mosfilm film studio. But, for the first time this screen saver appeared on the screen only in 1947 in the film "Spring" directed by Grigory Alexandrov. True, back in 1945, this monument appears in the opening shots of the musical comedy "Hello, Moscow" by Sergei Yutkevich. Therefore, some film historians dispute the right of the film "Spring" to be called the first.

It should be noted that not a real sculpture was filmed for the screensaver of Mosfilm's paintings; for this purpose, a special copy was made, the height of which was only one meter.

During the Great Patriotic War, the film studio was evacuated to Alma-Ata. Hundreds of Mosfilm employees went to the front, of which 146 people died. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Victory, a monument to the Mosfilm workers who did not return from the front was erected at the film studio.

The most popular film ever filmed at Mosfilm is the melodrama Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears directed by Vladimir Menshov. Filming was completed in 1979, and two years later the film won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. In total, about 90 million viewers watched this picture in the USSR. Only the film "Pirates of the XX century" was more popular in the USSR. But he was filmed at the Gorky Film Studio.

In 1971, director Alexander Sery made the comedy Gentlemen of Fortune. According to the scenario, during archaeological excavations, the helmet of Alexander the Great was stolen. The weight of which was as much as five kilograms. How much gold was actually in the helmet used during filming? It turns out not a single gram. Mosfilm's decorators perfectly made it out of a fire helmet and painted it gold.

Mosfilm has a huge collection of cars from different countries and times. Moreover, some of them can no longer be found in our country. One of the most sought-after "car-actors" is the Mercedes-Benz, produced in 1938 in Germany. He can be seen in such films as "The Battle of Berlin", "Liberation", "The Fate of a Man", "Tehran 43", "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and many others.

In 1934, at Mosfilm, Grigory Aleksandrov worked on the musical comedy Funny Guys. The still unfinished comedy was shown to Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. There were fears that the "leader of the peoples" would not like the film. But after watching it, he stated that he felt like after a week's rest. Later, Stalin watched this film more than once and considered it one of his favorite.