Interesting facts about magicians

Interesting facts "Art" Interesting facts about magicians

  1. Emil Teodorovich Kio is the founder of a famous dynasty of circus artists. For the audience, not only the secrets of his tricks, but even the origin of the pseudonym were a mystery. The real name of the artist is Hirschfeld-Renard. But, to work in the circus arena, a loud and easy-to-remember pseudonym was needed. Once a young illusionist walked past the Khudozhestvenny cinema and noticed that the letter "n" in the word "cinema" was not lit on the facade of the building. This is how the sonorous pseudonym “Kio” appeared. True, some wits assured that this pseudonym stands for "How interesting it is to deceive."
  2. In 1584, Reginald Scott wrote the book "Exposing Witchcraft" in England, in which he assured that the tricks have no connection with witchcraft, but are intended only for gullible spectators. This means that you need to be more tolerant of magicians and not rush to execute them.
  3. The assistant's sawing trick has always caused horror and delight among the audience. But, in the end, nothing terrible happened to the person, after a few moments he left the box safe and sound. The exposés of this trick claim that there are two main options for performing this "creepy" trick: the assistant either squeezes in one half of the box, and fake legs stick out from the other, or two assistants are involved in this trick.
  4. Tricks came to Russia from Byzantium. Moreover, for a long time the church and the rulers treated such fun sharply negatively. The "hundred-glavny cathedral" of the 16th century ordered all buffoons to be expelled "out of the village." And Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich issued decrees three times against such amusements. Those who were caught for the first time were beaten with batogs, and the malicious violators of the royal decrees were supposed to be sent into exile.
  5. Many viewers are convinced that such a dangerous trick as sword swallowing is nothing more than a clever trick, and the sword itself folds into the handle. But, here, more often than not, everything happens without deception, the trick, indeed, inserts the blade into the esophagus. Such a trick is very dangerous and often ends in tragedy - the sword blade passes a few millimeters from the heart, lungs and aorta. The slightest mistake can lead to irreparable consequences.
  6. There is even an international sword swallowing association. A candidate who has expressed a desire to join this organization must pass a kind of exam, having successfully performed the trick with a steel blade at least 38 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide.
  7. In addition, the International Society of Illusionists was formed in 1968, headquartered in New York. More than 40, 000 people from all over the world are members of this society. The best illusionists are annually awarded the Merlin Prize. Among the laureates are such celebrities as David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Kevin James and others.
  8. Many people are probably interested in the question - where are magicians taught? Among the representatives of this rare profession, there are many self-taught, others became the successors of the dynasty and received knowledge from their parents. Or you can enter a circus school for an unusual specialty - "magician-manipulator".