Interesting facts about vitamins

In 1893, a young Dutch physician Eikman settled in Java, where the terrible disease "take-take" raged. It affected people in China, Japan, some countries in South America and Africa - wherever the population ate rice. Eikman tried many drugs against a terrible disease, but to no avail. They helped unexpectedly ... chickens.

Once, passing by the hen house, the doctor noticed all the signs of the disease in the birds. Observing them, he found the cause of the disease. It turned out that the chickens ate leftovers from hospital meals, which were prepared from white, peeled rice. Experiments have shown that as soon as a little bran (the shell of rice grains) is added to the rice, the disease is immediately cured.

What substance is contained in rice bran? This question was answered by the Polish scientist Funk. In 1912, he isolated a medicinal substance from rice bran called a vitamin - the "substance of life."