Interesting facts about color

Our world is unusually diverse and colorful. Do you know what color most people like? What color is our universe? In our article you will find interesting facts about color.

It turns out that the color is created by the brain, which processes light signals coming from external space.

Experts have found that the X chromosome is responsible for the perception of red. This is why women can distinguish shades of red much better than men. As you know, women have two X chromosomes, while men have only one.

According to a survey conducted in 17 countries of the world, the most favorite color is blue (it was chosen by 40% of respondents). White was voted the least favorite color.

The best color for a car is silver. Silver cars, according to statistics, are less likely to be involved in road accidents. This is due to the fact that they are clearly visible on the road and at dusk.

Some people suffer from chromophobia - at the sight of a certain shade or brightly colored objects, a person has a panic fear. This disease is easily treated with various methods of psychotherapy.

If you feel anxious and aggressive, surround yourself with pink things. Pink has the ability to quickly calm the nerves.

Spanish scientists believe that the taste of food depends on the color of the dishes. For example, coffee tastes best with brown ones, and hot chocolate with orange ones.

In 2001, researchers, having studied about 200, 000 galaxies, determined the average galactic color, which was called "cosmic coffee with milk". Our Universe, according to scientific research by astronomers, has a beige and white color.