If you want to win, put on a red uniform!

What color is the best color for playing football? And does the color of the uniform affect the team's performance in general? Scientists from the Universities of Plymouth and Durham in the UK pondered these questions a few years ago.

A group of researchers analyzed the results of the matches of the teams in England from 1940 to 2002, and came to the conclusion that the strongest clubs in this country play in red shirts. The most frequent champions of England were Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, and all three teams have the main color of their uniforms - red.

The results of this unusual study were published in the Journal of Sports Sciences. In the article, scientists argue that the color red gives people aggression and assertiveness. The athlete in the red T-shirt feels more confident. But that's not all, it turns out that the fans are more actively supporting the teams in red, which stimulates the players to be more active. And even the judges are more supportive of such clubs.

But the players in yellow and orange jerseys are not very confident in playing on their fields, but at the same time they are very active in away matches. By the way, you can recall the Brazilian football team in this regard. Five times the Brazilians became world champions and it always happened on foreign fields. But at home it was not possible to win the championship even once, although Brazil twice hosted the world championships.

The opinion of British scientists may, of course, seem controversial, there are many strong teams in the world, acting in the form of completely different colors, but the study is quite interesting.

Scientists from Munich went even further. They covered with their attention several types of martial arts at once (boxing, taekwondo and Greco-Roman wrestling). Surprisingly, they almost completely confirmed the conclusions of their colleagues from the UK. It turned out that in martial arts athletes in red uniforms have an advantage over their rivals.

Robert Burton, one of the study participants, stated that the color red negatively affects people. Therefore, athletes experience some self-doubt when opposing an opponent in red. In those types of martial arts that came to the attention of researchers, about 55 percent of the fights ended in a victory for the athlete in red. Strange, but the referees in these sports evaluate the technical actions of the “red” higher than their rivals.

This is the statistics, and to agree with it or not, let each fan decide for himself.