CIA World Fact Book

The fact that the US Central Intelligence Agency collects facts about everyone and everything is known to everyone. But did you know of the publication of the annual almonac, The World Factbook, edited by the CIA? And it really is!

The idea of ​​collecting and structuring information about all countries originated from the American military after the end of World War II. For this, as many as three programs have been developed for the accumulation, analysis and use of data on the countries of the world. One of the products of this activity was the World Factbook, which appeared in 1962 and was, of course, only for internal use. However, since 1971 it has become available to the general public.

And so, what information about the countries is included in the catalog:

  • history;
  • geography;
  • demographics;
  • state system;
  • economics;
  • telecommunications;
  • transport;
  • armed forces.

By the way, in 1997, an online version of the World Book of Facts appeared, which can be viewed here.

This edition was even translated into Russian under the title "All Countries and Territories of the World: New CIA Geographical Directory"