Cells of genius were sought in Lenin's brain

Many associates of VI Lenin were convinced that the leader of the world proletariat possessed supernatural mental abilities, that he had not a brain in his head, but, in the words of NI Bukharin, “a powerful head apparatus”. There were even calls for a thorough study of Ilyich's brain and, on its basis, to develop material for the selection of genius people.

It is not surprising that after the death of Lenin, the brain and heart were removed from the body of the leader, such a valuable material needed serious scientific research. To get to the bottom of the truth, it was supposed to divide the brain into tiny particles and examine it under a microscope.

For this, the luminary of world medicine, the neuropathologist Oskar Vogt, was invited to Moscow from Germany. He was a famous hypnotist, published a journal on psychology, was the author of numerous works on the anatomy of the central nervous system.

A year after the leader's death, in February 1925, Vogt arrived in Moscow for a meeting of the medical commission at the Lenin Institute. The German scientist was given the task of providing a material basis for the brilliant mental abilities of Vladimir Ilyich. Vogt assured the high commission that this was real.

True, Oskar Vogt warned that the material under study, that is, Lenin's brain, would have to be sent to Berlin, where the appropriate equipment was available. But he received a categorical refusal, Lenin's brain must not leave the Soviet Union. The scientist was offered to move to Moscow during the experiment, promising to deliver his laboratory safe and sound here.

The leader's brain was divided into 31, 000 thinnest slices, each of which was carefully checked and compared with the brains of ordinary people. They were looking for any, even the smallest detail that could confirm the incredible abilities of Ilyich.

In 1929, Vogt gave a talk in which he stated that he had found "large differences between the structure of Lenin's brain and the usual structure of the brain."

Vogt's report noted that the secret of Lenin's mind lies in the third layer of the cerebral cortex, where Ilyich's pyramidal cells are much more developed than in an ordinary person. This gave grounds to recognize Lenin as a genius.

By the way, in Germany the results of Vogt's research were criticized, recognizing it as absolutely non-scientific. However, modern science does not believe that the structure of the brain can be used to judge certain inclinations of a person.