Interesting facts about the flight to Mars

So far, none of the inhabitants of the Earth has managed to visit Mars, but a huge number of unmanned vehicles have been sent there, with the help of which they have collected a lot of information about the Red Planet. Now it remains to wait, who and earthlings will be the first to set foot on the surface of Mars, and is this even possible?

Experts say that such a flight may take place in the next ten years. Encouraged by such news, hundreds of earthlings expressed a desire to become one of the discoverers of a distant planet. True, one point must be taken into account here: a person who decides on such a journey will have to say goodbye to his homeland - planet Earth forever. Modern technologies make it possible to send a person to Mars, but it is impossible to bring him back. At least for the foreseeable future.

The Dutch organization Mars One is already recruiting candidates. There are certain requirements for them: a person must be of age and realize that he will be issued a “ticket” only one way. Then all that remains is to send your application to the company's website, in which you need to describe your biography and tell about why you deserve to become the first earthling on Mars.

The selection of the conquerors of Mars began in 2013. It is amazing that more than 200, 000 people from 140 countries of the world responded to such an unusual proposal. And this is the population of a fairly large city! Most applicants are from the United States - every fourth. This is followed by India and China. There are also Russians on the lists - there are about 8, 000 of them. Naturally, all candidates will not fly to Mars, they will have to go through several qualifying rounds, after which several groups will be formed.

Naturally, they will not land on an empty spot; by their arrival, it is planned to build a whole base on Mars. Christian von Bengston, an engineer from Denmark, has been appointed as the project manager. Researchers believe that it is quite possible to grow vegetables and greens in the Martian soil. But, of course, this will not be the only food for the conquerors of Mars, cargoes with food and the necessary equipment will be regularly sent from the Earth.

How long will the cosmic journey from Earth to Mars take? Quite a lot - about seven months. On average, the distance between these two planets is 225 million kilometers. But, given that they are in constant motion, the maximum distance reaches 401 million kilometers, and the minimum is 54.6.

By the way, Mars One is far from the only one who selects candidates who want to fly to Mars forever. And in the USSR, they began to think about this issue at the end of the fifties of the last century. The first developments of interplanetary vehicles began to be developed in 1959 under the guidance of designer M.K. Tikhonravov. Therefore, in the words of the song "And the apple trees will bloom on Mars" there is a very specific meaning. Moreover, it was written in 1963 for the film "Meet the Dream". And this fantastic art picture was dedicated to the theme of interplanetary flights.

But, ufologists argue that the first conquerors of Mars should not flatter themselves, they are not the first. UFO researchers are confident that our ancestors flew from Mars many millions of years ago, and now, only a few of us will be able to return.