Interesting facts about the Snow Maiden

There is very little time left until the New Year, which means again gifts, champagne, tangerines, Olivier salad and, of course, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. We know a lot about Santa Claus, even the fact that his residence is located in the city of Veliky Ustyug, where on New Year's holidays you can go to visit or write a letter. But there is much less information about his granddaughter Snegurochka.

It turns out that the birthplace of the Snow Maiden is the village of Shchelykovo, located in the Kostroma region. It was here that the estate of the famous Russian playwright A. N. Ostrovsky was located, in which, based on folk legends, he wrote the fairy tale "The Snow Maiden". You can visit the Snegurochka's tower all year round. Guests are greeted by the hostess herself and personally guided by a tour of her property. True, in the work of Ostrovsky, the Snow Maiden is not a granddaughter, but the daughter of Santa Claus.

For a long time, the Snow Maiden was represented as a little girl of 5-7 years old. But, everything changed in the Soviet era. Since 1935, the celebration of the New Year was resumed in the country, and in 1937, together with Santa Claus, a granddaughter appeared at a holiday in the House of Unions, and, moreover, she was already a rather adult girl. Since the 1950s, Lev Kassil and Sergei Mikhalkov have written scripts for the Kremlin trees. In them, the Snow Maiden was already an indispensable character

It should be noted that the Abramtsevo estate, not far from the town of Sergiev Posad, near Moscow, is sometimes called the birthplace of the Snow Maiden. Once the owner of this estate was a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist Savva Morozov. It was here that the artist Vasnetsov painted his painting The Snow Maiden, and one of Morozov's daughters posed for him.

In 1968, the shooting of the full-length feature film The Snow Maiden began. The decorators did a great job: an entire village was erected in the vicinity of the village of Shchelykovo.

Since 2009, the Snow Maiden even began to celebrate her birthday. It is difficult to say from what sources, but it was established that the heroine of the New Year holidays was born on the night of April 4-5.

For many years, the role of Santa Claus on the Kremlin Christmas trees was played by the actor Roman Filippov, and the Snow Maiden was played by Nadezhda Karpukhina. In the era of the USSR, actors who happened to work at the main children's matinee of the country were carefully checked not only by directors, but also by the relevant authorities: after all, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the first persons of the state came to this holiday.

The Snow Maiden can be considered our national treasure. In many countries of the world, a kind character comes to congratulate children on the holiday: Santa Claus, Joulupukki, Dyado Koleda and so on. But, only our Santa Claus has a granddaughter (or daughter).