Where did the phrase "There is no c * ksa in the USSR"

The catch phrase “There is no sex in the USSR, ” which has become a symbol of the hypocrisy and anti-sexuality of Soviet culture, appeared relatively recently and quite by accident. In 1986, TV presenters Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue organized one of the first Soviet-American television bridges, directed by Vladimir Mukusev.

During the conversation, an American participant in the teleconference asked if there were films and advertisements for adults in the USSR. The Soviet participant, Lyudmila Nikolaevna Ivanova (at that time - the administrator of the Leningrad hotel and a representative of the public organization The Committee of Soviet Women) replied: “We have no sex, and we are categorically against it, ” after which laughter and applause burst into both studios and drowned out the end of the phrase: “We have love. And you, too, did not stop sleeping with your men during the Vietnam War. ”

After the end of the program, Ivanova called the studio and asked to cut out this phrase, but the operator, a young guy, liked it so much that he ignored the woman's request and edited the full conversation. So the phrase hit the TV screen, and from there it quickly went to the people.