The yellow press ... Why the yellow press?

"Yellow press" - this phrase is used in the sense of a false, low-quality, greedy for all kinds of scandals and cheap sensations, the press, it originated in America (USA).

Richard Outcollt (in some Outcoult sources) an American graphic artist in 1895 published in several issues of the New York newspaper "The World" a series of frivolous drawings with humorous text (with comments); among the drawings was a child (toddler) in a yellow shirt, to whom various funny sayings were attributed. The drawings captivated the American public, and since the child had a distinctive feature - he was in a yellow shirt, the boy was nicknamed "yellow baby", on which the author printed his humorous messages. And soon the whole series of frivolous humorous drawings was named "Yellow Boy".

The American public was delighted with these publications. And soon in another American newspaper - New - York

Journal ”(which lured the artist to itself) - they began to print a similar series of humorous drawings. And naturally, a dispute arose between these two newspapers over the right of primacy to this very humorous "yellow kid". This process gained a lot of publicity, as the humorous "yellow boy" was a success. Every newspaper used every possible means of providing sensational news, muddied, used gossip and everything else without hesitation, and the only thing in common was the "yellow baby". In 1896, Erwin Wordman, editor of the New - York Press, published a critical article in this magazine. In this article, he contemptuously called both rival newspapers "yellow press", which are not shy about "ways" to lure viewers. And after that, this expression became winged.

But the most interesting thing is that this expression took root in our vocabulary very quickly and supplanted another expression that has been used in Europe since 1870 - "revolving press". This expression was widely used in our language until the 30s. 20th century, until it was finally ousted by the "yellow press".

"Yellow" pictures: