These phrases will help screw up any date.

Some people know how to blurt out at the most crucial moment, something inappropriate or out of the ordinary and ruin the impression of themselves. Attention, remember the phrases that in no case should be said during a date, or, on the contrary, need to be said if you want to reduce this date to a minimum:

Is it okay if my dog ​​stays in the bedroom and looks? He loves to do it very much.

I am a handsome man, you seem to be nothing too.

My wife will love you.

Tell me how old you are. Well tell me ... What kind of coquetry? Well, say-and-and-and ...

I'm a feminist. In the sense that I think that in a restaurant a woman should pay for herself. Especially if she eats a lot.

No, this is not that interesting cheese. I didn't change my sneakers after the gym.

You should have seen my ex's face when I threw an ashtray at her!

Well, it was a long time ago anyway. Antibiotics are a great invention.

Do you happen to have your old school uniform left? Do you never wear it again?

In your years, I was the same naive, enthusiastic, narcissistic moron. With age it passed, as you can see.

And next time you couldn’t perfume yourself with something else - I’m allergic to the smell of dampness.

Just for fun, I bought myself an evening dress with a neckline. Do you want to see how I look in it? Even if I put on fishnet stockings with him, you still don’t want to?

Have you ever tried to think?

I remember how a hedgehog was brought to visit us in kindergarten and I crumpled with fear.

If I were you, I wouldn't eat so much sweets if you know what I mean.

Not a bad kharcho, but my mom cooks better ... and you, by the way, can you cook?

Islam is not at all so tragic for a woman. You would, for example, go with a burqa.

You have a wonderful nose. Just like Orbakaite.

Are they real with you?

By the way, research has proven that yawns are also caused by a lack of oxygen. It's kind of stuffy here ... But you go on, go on. What happened to this Marina?

I have no idea what I'm talking about here with you, let's undress and lie down.

And what did your parents think about when they called you that?

Lie like this for five minutes, I'll turn on the camera.

The road should be crossed more carefully. They will shoot you down, and then sit, driver, as for a whole person ...

You were away for a long time. Stomach upset? Familiar problems.

Have you ordered a bottle of this wine? Who am I to you, Roman Abramovich?

Lord, what's there on your head to cut for fifty dollars?

I still carry her picture with me ...

The plastic bottle is at the last rate ... now I'll count ... three cents. It is enough to collect four dozen and ...

Do you have beautiful girlfriends?

A person as a syncretic triangulation formation of the polymorphic type relates to organosilicon life in about the same way as C2H5OH to SiO2. This is actually very interesting. I'll explain to you now ...

How do you feel about anal sex with unfamiliar men?

Where do you work? And how much do they pay there?

I was fed better in prison!

Do you think your breasts will grow over time?

And then I discovered all the bloody poetry of pain and joined the BDSM club ...

Move away from the screen, you are blocking.

My pitbull once bit off two of my neighbor's fingers, can you imagine? It's good that I didn't choke.

Well, you call if that.