Ignorant or Ignorant

Ignorant and ignorant, these two seemingly similar nouns with the same roots have completely different meanings. By the way, in the Russian language there are many consonant words with different meanings, and they are called paronyms.

It turns out that the words ignorant and ignorant once had the same meaning - "uneducated person." But back in the nineteenth century, V.I. Dal, the author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language, noted their difference:

ignorant - unlearned, uneducated by teaching, book knowledge, unenlightened; the person is ignorant, dark, although, perhaps, intelligent and benevolent;

ignorant - impolite, impolite, not knowing decency, decency in a hostel ... not knowing how to behave, to behave in people.

Each of these nouns has its own semantic series of formed words:

ignorant - ignorant, ignorant, ignorant;

impolite - impolite, impolite, impolite, and before that there was also the verb to be impolite - "to act rudely, uncivilly."