Massachusetts experiment

Dr. James Rogers (actually pictured by writer Hunter Thompson)

The photo shows Dr. James Rogers. In 1965, he was sentenced to execution by electric chair for the so-called "Massachusetts experiment", but two days before the execution, while in a cell, he committed suicide by poisoning himself with potassium cyanide, an ampoule of which was brought to him by one of his patients.

Recently, the University of Massachusetts Psychology and Neuropathology, where Dr. Rogers worked, officially announced that this experiment is of great scientific importance, and its effectiveness is undeniable. In this regard, the rector of the university, Dr. Phill Rosentern, asked for forgiveness from the remaining relatives of James. And the thing is that Dr. James Rogers used a unique, developed by himself method of curing seemingly hopeless patients. He intensified their paranoia so much that a new round corrected the previous one. In other words, if a person believed that bugs were crawling all around him, Dr. Rogers told him that this was so. The whole world is covered in beetles. Some especially sensitive people see them, while others are so used to it that they simply do not notice them. The state knows everything, but keeps it a secret in order to prevent panic. The man left completely confident that everything was all right with him, resigned himself and tried not to notice the bugs. After some time, he most often stopped seeing them. A certain Aaron Platnovsky, who suffered from cognitive-enphasic disorder, spoke at the trial. He believed he was a giraffe. Neither logical reasoning nor comparison of his photograph with the image of a giraffe helped. He was absolutely sure of this. He stopped talking, refused to take ordinary food, except for leaves.

Dr. Rogers asked a friend of the biologist to write a short article in which to more or less scientifically describe the recent stunning discovery of scientists: in nature there are giraffes that are practically no different from humans. That is, there are differences - a little more heart, a little less spleen, but behavior and appearance and even a way of thinking completely coincide. Scientists do not disclose this information to prevent panic, and this article should be burned by anyone who reads it. The patient calmed down and socialized. At the time of the trial, he was working as an auditor for a large firm in Colorado. Alas, the state court found Dr. Rogers a charlatan and the experiment inhuman. He was sentenced to death.

He refused the last word, but gave the judge a letter, which he asked to be published in some newspaper. The letter was published by The Massachusetts Daily Collegian. The letter ended with the words: “You are too accustomed to the idea that everyone perceives the world the same. But this is not the case. If you get together and try to retell each other the simplest and most obvious concepts for you, you will understand that you all live in completely different worlds. And only your comfort determines your mental calmness. In this case, a person who believes that he is a giraffe and lives in the world with this knowledge is as normal as a person who believes that the grass is green and the sky is blue. Some of you believe in UFOs, some in God, some in your morning breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Living in harmony with your faith - you are completely healthy, but as soon as you start to defend your point of view - how faith in God will make you kill, faith in UFOs - to be afraid of abduction, faith in a cup of coffee in the morning - will become the center of your universe and destroy your life ... The physicist will begin to give you arguments that the sky is not blue, and the biologist will prove that the grass is not green. In the end, you will be left alone with an empty, cold and completely unknown world, which our world most likely is. So it doesn't matter what kind of ghosts you inhabit your world. As long as you believe in them - they exist, as long as you do not fight with them - they are not dangerous. "

P.S. The story is undoubtedly beautiful and touching, it is a pity that it is invented. The author of this story is blogger Alexander Shamarin. This is how he describes the story of the creation and unexpected distribution of this work:

"Thank you all very much. I thought to amuse my friends - to write about fifteen stories, stylized as classic stories from the Internet, attach pictures of various kinds of figures to them, print them out, put them in frames and arrange an exhibition" Persona non grata "in the apartment. Myth in the Internet as a cultural space ", held in the context of the events of the" Epoch of New Seriousness. " put out of the eight stories written, in order to first of all discuss whether the photographs are suitable (now it is already clear that the photograph of Karl von Chtototam needs to be removed) .After a couple of hours, the situation got out of control. The idea of ​​the exhibition now seems to have lost all meaning, but I promise to publish the remaining four texts.

I express my sincere sympathy to everyone who, for some reason, freed me, because now they too will have to endure the presence in their tape of my poems, lengthy rantings

about culture, meaningless prosaic pieces and idiotic photographs. I wish them strength and patience. Well, now, as I promised, I am posting one more "Persona Non Grata".

If you ask what this garbage is, answer: "This is an analysis of the artifacts of the superiority of the Internet space and their collision with classical culture in an era of new seriousness." If they ask who is to blame, answer: "This story from the words of Fyodor Tropila from the village of Vedrishchevo was written down by Alexander Shamarin, who lives in a dilapidated hut near the Moscow Ring Road in the glorious patronal city of Moscow."