The suicide of Ronald Opus or the law of karma in action

Let's start with the karmic law, what is it? Everyone knows the well-known saying "do not dig a hole for another - you yourself will fall into it." This is the very law of karma, according to which our whole life is connected with the world around us and depends on the committed actions both in this and in past lives. Remember how Vladimir Vysotsky sang:

Maybe that shabby cat was a villain before

And this sweet man used to be a kind dog

In general, according to the karmic law, everyone is rewarded according to his merits, not in this life, so in the next life. We will not talk about other lives, since this is a rather controversial issue, but our story is more related to lifetime retribution for what we have done ...

In August 1994, this amazing story blew up the Internet and print media. A young American named Ronald Opus decided to commit suicide. In a suicide note, it was written that he, Ronald, took this step because of financial difficulties and misunderstanding on the part of his parents (their unwillingness to help him financially). After writing this message, Mr. Opus climbed onto the windowsill and threw himself down from the ninth floor.

He would hardly have done this if he had known that the window cleaners who worked in the house that day pulled on a safety net at the level of the seventh floor. So, having flown two floors, Opus would have simply collapsed onto a springy mesh with wet pants, but alive. But then a fantastic incident intervened.

When Ronald flew (!) Past the eighth floor, a shot of shot hit his head from the window. While the police were identifying the deceased with his head almost completely blown off, the detectives decided that the gunman should be charged with manslaughter. After all, if not for the shot, Ronald Opus remained alive, falling on the net.

Further investigation revealed new facts. It turned out that the old man on the 8th floor shot at his wife, but missed, and the charge hit the window. So, it flashed through the detectives, it is necessary to adjust the accusation - to manslaughter add attempted murder (wife). In moments of anger and quarrels with his wife, he always grabbed an unloaded shotgun from the wall and scared his wife with a flick of the trigger. It was already like a family ritual. According to both spouses, the shotgun always hung on the wall and was never loaded by anyone.

So, under American law, the manslaughter charge now lay with the one who secretly loaded the shotgun. Who! Having found out that only their son could freely enter the room of the cocky spouses, the police detectives contacted his friend and found out a lot of interesting things.

Knowing that the father often threatens the mother with a weapon hanging on the wall, the son secretly loaded it, hoping that at the first scandal he would shoot his mother and go to jail. However, for the past few weeks, the couple lived surprisingly peacefully, which indescribably upset the failed avenger.

Where is this bastard? - As where? - the old man was surprised. - The son lives on the floor above ...

Yes, the sought-after son turned out to be himself ... Ronald Opus! It was he who loaded the shotgun, and when revenge failed, he threw himself out of the window in despair. And he was shot with his own charge. His own father.

P.S. Well, now the exposure! The story was originally coined by Don Harper Mills, former president of the American Academy of Forensic Medicine. Mills stated that he came up with it for fun and to show how different legal consequences can follow each twist in a murder investigation.