The passengers of the airliner unwittingly became "Robinsons" for 27 years

On March 24, 1973, the Douglas DC-6 airliner took off from Singapore to Manila. Onboard there were 47 passengers and crew members. No one could even imagine that for some of them this flight would be the last in their lives, while the rest would be able to return to civilization only after a long 27 years.

A typical flight along this route took about four hours, with some passengers dozing peacefully, others reading or looking through the window. Everything is as usual. Only the weather began to deteriorate, a thunderstorm was approaching. It was decided to change course to avoid the storm front. But, as it turned out, it was too late.

The crew commander managed to convey to the dispatcher that the plane was over the eastern outskirts of Borneo, and communication with the airliner was cut off. Lightning struck the engine, the plane began to chatter, and the passengers panicked. The pilots took a desperate step - they planted "Douglas" right in the jungle, having managed to choose a relatively flat area.

Not without casualties - seven people died, many were injured. During an emergency landing, the radio was damaged, therefore, there was no way to contact the dispatcher. At first, the passengers consoled themselves with the thought that rescuers would soon find them, because it was already the twentieth century in the yard. But, fate decreed otherwise, they had to spend 27 years in the jungles of Borneo.

Meanwhile, the rescuers, indeed, carefully examined the site of the alleged crash of the plane. True, the plane deviated several tens of kilometers from the course, the dense jungle hid it. Rescuers were never able to find the victims. It was concluded that the plane exploded, everyone on board died, and further searches were useless.

The involuntary "Robinsons", among whom were citizens of various countries, had to solve the problems of survival themselves. They buried the dead, then four young men decided to go in search of at least some signs of civilization. A few days later they returned, but already three of them. An American named Jimmy died in a battle with a wild tribe, and his comrades had to hurry back, confusing their tracks so as not to lead enemies.

It was decided to postpone trips to the jungle for a while and start setting up the camp. I had to remember the books I had read and the films I watched about how to build a dwelling, make fire and cook food on it, if you could get it.

All further attempts to explore the jungle with nothing but clashes with the aborigines did not end. Gradually, people came to terms with the fact that they were here for a long time. They chose the leaders of their detachment, engaged in agriculture, hunting and gathering. And over time, even new families were formed, in which children began to appear.

It was one of the teenagers, who was born and raised in the jungle, who ran to the camp with a message that he saw people nearby. Such news frightened more than pleased - they were afraid of a new meeting with local tribes.

But it turned out that Indonesian topographers are working here. It was they who reported to the "mainland" that they found in the jungle people who had long been considered dead. Rescuers arrived here and started sending "Robinsons" to their homeland.

Later, they learned that the Indonesian city of Bontang was 100 kilometers from their camp. But the "Robinsons" could not find him. Encounters with the natives taught them that it was too dangerous to go far into the jungle.

P.S. The story circulates on the Internet, but has no serious evidence. No such disasters were found in official reports on this date. It looks like a fake.