Why is 40th birthday not celebrated?

How do the examples appear, where do they come from? It is possible to assume that the first examples appeared together with the first people. Our experience, associative connections of various phenomena of life are exemplified by the examples. So the belief that it is impossible to mark 40 years, for sure, is connected with something. In our country, indeed, many do not celebrate their martyrs. When you ask people about the reason for such a refusal, someone refers to the negative consequences of their iconic people, who simply does not want to play with fate and should be accepted. So that a person decides for himself, whether he will celebrate 40 years, we will delve into the history of the origin of the example ...

Some suggest that the number 40 is associated with a good day after death. It is believed that for 40 days the soul of a person after death wanders in the light. And such associations do not have a negative feeling. According to beliefs, celebrating forty years, a person will call himself bad. In addition, the number 40 is considered unfortunate, since it is found in the Bible as follows:

  • For 40 years, the Jewish people wandered in the desert. And the desert was associated with death.
  • Jesus, after his baptism, also spent 40 days in the wilderness.
  • After the birth of a son, the woman was cleansed only after 40 days.
  • The Great then lasted for 40 whole days.
  • The dead are commemorated on the fortieth day after death.

Yes, this is met in the Bible, but after asking any priest, why not mark 40 years, he will tell you that the believing person should not attach importance to the signs. And if something is safe, then pray, everything is in the hands of God.

Let's take a look at other cultures, whether they believe in this idea there ... Let's take, for example, the famous TARO cards, in which death is denoted by the letter "M", and it is in the number 0 = 4) (4 + In Japan, this same number "4" is considered a sign of death. Japanese women and men don't celebrate 40 years, they don't even have 4 floors, for example. On the other hand, it is customary for Germans to celebrate all round dates, and they do not think about such an admission or do not know about it at all.

They also say that 40 years cannot be marked by men, but such an acceptance is not extended to women. By our time, people have come up with already a few softened options will take. Someone thinks that 40 years can be noted, but in a circle of very close people who could not wish a bad name for the owner. Such thoughts are based on esoteric theory ... According to her, 40 years is a transition period in the life of any man, when his energy is strongly weakened. That is, any unwanted person can jinx him.

If you really believe in such an example, then you cannot mark 40 years. Because our thoughts are so strong that we ourselves program our own destiny, which means that we can call upon ourselves the trouble, blaming at this an admittance.