Interesting facts about Pastafarianism

In 2005, in protest against the decision of the Kansas State Department of Education, demanding the introduction of the concept of "Intelligent Design" into the school curriculum as an alternative to the evolutionary teachings of Darwin, American Bobby Henderson invented a new religion, which he called Pastafarianism (Italian macaroni) and registered the Church of the Flying Macaroni Monster ". On his website he announces the belief in the Macoron Monster. Despite the parody, religion has an official status and exists on the same rights as the rest.

Most of Henderson's principles are parodies of arguments advanced by proponents of the "divine providence" theory.

Pastafarianism has its own analogue of the ten commandments called "8 it would be better if you did not". Initially, they were given to the pirate Moses and there were ten of them, but two boards fell and got lost on the road from Mount Salsa.

  1. You'd better not behave like a narcissistic donkey and a saint when you preach My macaroni grace. If other people do not believe in Me, there is nothing wrong with that. I'm not that narcissistic, honestly. Besides, we are not talking about these people, so let's not get distracted.
  2. It would be better if you did not justify in My name the oppression, enslavement, shredding or economic exploitation of others, well, you yourself understand, in general, a nasty attitude towards others. I do not demand sacrifices, cleanliness is obligatory for drinking water, not for people.
  3. You'd better not judge people by their appearance, their dress, or the way they speak. Behave yourself, okay? Oh yeah, and beat it into your stupid head: A woman is a person. A man is a person. And a bore is always a bore. None of people are better than others, except for the ability to dress fashionably - I'm sorry, but I have gifted in this sense only women and only some of the guys - those who distinguish purple from crimson. It would be better if you did not allow yourself actions that are unacceptable for yourself or your voluntary and sincere partner (who has reached an acceptable age and mental maturity). I suggest all those who disagree to go through the forest, unless they find it offensive. In this case, they can turn off the TV for a change and go for a walk.
  4. You wish you hadn't fought the fanatical, misogynistic, and other evil ideas of those around you on an empty stomach. Eat and then go to those bastards.
  5. It would be better if you did not spend a lot of money on the construction of churches, temples, mosques, tombs in the name of glorifying My Macaroni Grace, because this money is better to spend - choose what: - to end poverty. - to cure diseases. - for a peaceful life, passionate love and a decrease in the cost of the Internet.
  6. I may be a complex carbohydrate omniscient creature, but I love the simple pleasures of life. Who else but me should know? After all, it was I who created everything.
  7. You'd better not tell everyone around you how I spoke to you. You're not that interesting to everyone. Stop thinking only about yourself. And remember that I asked you to love your neighbor, didn't it come?
  8. You wish you hadn't treated others the way you would like to be treated when it comes to large amounts of latex or petroleum jelly. But if the other person also likes it, then (following the fourth commandment) do it, take pictures, just for heaven's sake - put on a condom! It's just a piece of rubber. If I didn't want you to enjoy the process itself, I would have provided thorns or something like that.

FSM "fish" is the emblem of the Pastafarian Church. Created by readers of the Boing Boing website. Is a parody of the symbol of Christianity

Religion also has its own scriptures. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was written by the prophet Bobby Henderson and published as a book in 2006. And also the Free Canon, consisting of the old and new flock.

A sacred day for Pastafarians is Friday. During holidays such as Christmas or New Years, Pastafarians celebrate a holiday called the Feast. Actually, the Holiday can be celebrated any day you want.

"Ramen" (English Ramen or RAmen) - the official ending of prayers, some parts of the Gospel of the LMM, etc. and is a combination of the word "Amen" (used in Christianity, Judaism and Islam) and "ramen" - Japanese instant soup with noodles. This word is usually spelled with capital "P" and "A", although it is allowed to write with one capital "P".

Pastafarian paradise includes at least one beer volcano and one striptease factory.

According to the Pastafarian belief system, pirates are "absolute divine creatures" and the original Pastafarians who have been unjustly persecuted for centuries. Henderson's graph, attached to the letter to the Department of Education, shows that as the number of pirates decreases, the global temperature is rising. The relationship between pirates and warming is supported by the fact that as soon as the number of Somali pirates increased, the warming conference was ruined.

The Russian Pastafarian Church is headed by Pastriarch Husama Pasta II, or simply Hu and the Sacred Colander, consisting of 10 people. By the way, the abbreviation of the Church of the Russian Orthodox Church coincides with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Interestingly, in August 2005, the administration of the Boing Boing enru website offered to pay $ 250, 000 to someone who could provide evidence that Jesus Christ was not the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

In 2011, the Austrian authorities allowed Pastafarian Niko Alm to be photographed on a driver's license with a colander on his head. The colander was used as a religious headdress. Atheist practitioner Niko Alm filed an application, thereby using the argument against allowing Muslims to be photographed for documents wearing hijabs. Since photographs with headdresses are allowed in Austria only for religious reasons, he justified his act by belonging to Pastafarianism. In 2013, a resident of the Czech Republic, Lukash Novy, became the second pastafarian to obtain the right to be photographed on a driver's license with a colander on his head.