How a Russian blogger divorced Nigerian scammers

Not so long ago, Nigerian scammers were once again thrown by ... another blogger. Russian Artem Gerashchenkov broke previous records and lured as much as $ 600 from scammers. We read his story in the first person:

A certain Angelina Crane is knocking on my friend

and writes such a funny letter

am angelina from usa florida but now currently in west africa for some basic situations, am new on here looking for a serious honest caring loyal man that will always make me happy

constantly getting confused about appearances during a conversation

am from florida adnd you

i told you am currently in nigeria

i was born and grew up in Sacramento, California and Am a graduate in Banking / finance but i am basically here in ohio

Am now in Gilford city usa

It turned out that someone was trying to cheat me for money, and even with not the best legend)

Without thinking twice, I go to Craigslist, copy 5 pieces of beautiful texts from the section men seeking women from there and start bombarding the newly-minted "lady of the heart" with messages of the following nature:

I am looking to make new friends. Any good relationship starts out as friends first and in due time can evolve into a meaningful long term relationship. Someone who just wants to have a good without pressure just be your self and I will do the same. Personally I am an easy going person can be funny as hell and a bit sarcastic. I will make fun of you and myself. As to what I like to do the laundry list can go on and on, but will try almost anything once. One thing that is very important to me is that you are an honest and real. I don’t care what you do fore work or where you live, just be a good hearted

In the course of the correspondence, I am kindly given the phone number of the “neighbor”

Here is my mobile number but its for my neigbor cause here I don’t have mine +23478104782263

And, as a matter of fact, it turns out what the fuss is about

Its not much if you can always get $ 50 or 60 for me every week till you are ready to get me there with you

$ 50-60 a week to help an American Christian woman from Florida-Ohio-California now in Nigeria? NOT! NOT! And again NO!

At least $ 500-600 per week should be provided by a decent man to his virtual lover, who is among the savages in Africa.

Which I immediately voiced.

What shocked the addressee:

Oh really ... But don’t you think that gonna be too much for me my dear?

Oh really?

Ode my dear it so and should I send you the western union information to send the money to

Name: olukade kehinde martins

Address: no 5 anjorin street

Zipcode: 23439

City: Ota

State: Ogun

Country: Nigeria

Olukade was so excited about $ 500 a week that he forgot himself and started writing words a la Ode, which in Nigerian dialect is consonant with our "Wah!"

At the same time, the addressee for the translation was found out. But I'm a silly rich Amish, who even in Western Union asks for the id of the addressee. Angelina couldn't remember what SSN Americans have. Although any US citizen knows his Social Security Number by heart.

Then we decided to send Western to friend Olukada. However, here I remember that I am ready to send money too, but I want to see a photograph of my virtual lover in a negligee, or better without him (hussars, keep quiet!). I understood that it was unlikely that Olukade would have such a photograph.

Indeed, in fact, in the photo Lana Brooke (the same Google has a search for pictures) is a porn model far from the first echelon, but is in the top for using images with her among Nigerian scammers. Her face and figure are too typical for the inhabitants of the American hinterland. However, the bad luck is the so-called livecam model. That is, just photographs in clothes in more or less normal quality exist, but more frankly - only for paid access. It is unlikely that the pool of these photographs was in stock with a Nigerian acting out the role of a “believing Christian girl”.

The assumption turned out to be correct:

Ok my love but I think you still remember that my phone camera is not good ... But i promise you I will get it for you as soon as I get the money ok trust me my love

And then heavy artillery came into play.

Did dear Angelina know that I was an Apple exporter? And I am directly acquainted with HORNBAKER himself !!! (I also had to say that I know Fulkin-Mulkin himself at Gazprom!) And I just need to send a batch of 200 iPhones to Lagos, Nigeria.

Can my newfound love take over these 200 phones and take one from there?

What to do with the other 199? Well, the funds for them have already been paid for by a Nigerian mobile phone salon, and I, relying on Christian roots and respectable upbringing of the addressee, believe that her friend Olukade will not steal them.

When are these 200 phones coming?

Yes, here I am, already at the post office. Instantly threw her googled pictures.

200 iPhones at customs

But it turned out that there is a problem with the 200th phone? It is not paid for by the Nigerian mobile store, but is already packed in boxes. And the customs officer is standing nearby. I'll send a photo of the customs officer, just shh, I will take pictures from under the floor.

Customs officer scrutinizes iPhones shipped to Nigeria

Can Angelina pay for a brand new iPhone 6 with Western Union and then pick up TWO phones from the batch? At the same time, I constantly write about problems, make Olukada worry. The tension is growing, I “don't know” what to do, the batch is not released by customs, 1 unpaid phone is suspended in the air, and the whole batch of 200 brand new iPhone 6s does not float into the hands of Olukada (after all, the Nigerian did not think to send anything to the store ) to sunny Lagos. Olukade rushes about:

Honey sorry my internet was bad my love all is gonna be fine with God so trust me

Honey are you ready to receive the money? Tell me

So honey you just go to the western union with the information I give to you ... And tell them to take the money through the information they not gonna ask you any question ok

Customs mutters something angrily in response, I am tormented by doubts whether everything will go well with sending to Lagos, only "Angelina" convinces

Am not here for things like that cause am not a gold digger my love try to understand me .. I only want to get the new phone and let you know am all yours ok

Don't be afraid, send me your 200 phones, everything will be fine, I'll hand over everything to the cell phone salon, I won't steal anything.

Finally, the transfer has been sent to ME. Olucade-Angelina worries if I got the money:

Well, I had to make concessions to the "girl"

In response, I was asked to send the details of the cargo declaration, to which I had to admit that I was also from Nigeria. I sent "my" photo, made it clear that from the Edo people.