How the bandit Yanka Purse robbed Lenin

The archive on Lubyanka contains a 23-volume file: “On the armed attack of bandits on V. I. Lenin.” In the Soviet Union it was classified. Meanwhile, in 1919, Lenin, in fact, became the victim of a bandit attack.

The organizer of this raid was the Moscow bandit Yakov Kuznetsov, known at the beginning of the twentieth century, or, as his craft colleagues called him, Yanka Koshelek.

Yakov, the son of a convict forever exiled to Siberia, terrified all of Moscow and the surrounding area. But, the loudest case of Yanka Koshelk's gang was the robbery of the car in which the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin, was driving.

On January 19, 1919, the Purse gang decided that they simply needed a car for the next raid. So it was decided to stop the car on the street, shake the driver out of it and go to Novinsky Boulevard, where the bandits had already looked after a luxurious mansion for robbery.

At that time, there were not many cars even in Moscow, therefore, they were pretty frozen before they saw the light of the car headlights. And in the car was Lenin himself with his sister Maria Ilyinichna, as well as with the driver Stepan Gil and the security guard Ivan Chabanov. The bandits ordered to stop with signs, and Lenin made a mistake, mistaking them for a Red Army patrol. Therefore, the car stopped at the direction of Lenin.

To the passengers' surprise, they were unceremoniously ordered to get out of the car. Ilyich tried to influence the robbers, saying: "I am Lenin!" And in response I heard: “So what if you are Lenin? And I am Koshelkov, the night master of the city. " The bandits took away weapons and documents from Lenin and drove away along the night street.

All Cheka employees were raised in search of the criminals. A few hours later, they found an abandoned car, but the criminals themselves were searched for several more months. In February 1919, five members of Yanka Koshelka's gang were arrested and shot. Among them were two participants in the attack on Ilyich - Volkov and Alekseev.

And the Wallet itself was liquidated only on July 26, 1919. On that day, his gang was surrounded by Chekists. During the shootout, Yanka Wallet was mortally wounded and died soon after. A Browning pistol was found with him, taken from Lenin.

The captured gang members were sentenced to death. And Lenin himself remembered for a long time that night meeting with the bandits. Even in his work "the childhood disease of" leftism "in communism, " he wrote that even a revolutionary leader sometimes has to compromise in order to stay alive. And as an example, he cited the same case with a car robbery.