What is forbidden to the British royal family

Royal life - how does it seem to the common man in the street? Luxury, permissiveness, in a word - not life, but earthly paradise. But, not everything is as simple and cloudless as it might seem at first glance. Just look at the long list of bans that the British royal family is forced to obey.

More than three hundred years ago, in 1701, a law was passed, according to which British monarchs were obliged to refer only to the Anglican Church. Marriages of members of the royal family with representatives of other religious denominations were strictly prohibited. Only in 2011 this ban was lifted.

The game "Monopoly" is very popular all over the world. But the British monarchs and members of their families are forbidden to play it, since "Monopoly" among the highest English aristocracy was recognized as unworthy fun. This became known after the Duke Andrew (the son of Queen Elizabeth II) was presented with a box with such a game, but he said that "Monopoly" is prohibited in the august family. By the way, the Queen's relatives must accept absolutely all the gifts, and only then they decide what to do with them.

In Great Britain, as well as in Russia, citizens of the country who have reached the age of eighteen have the right to vote. The royal family has the same right, but it is not accepted to use it: after all, the political preferences of the monarch can seriously affect the results of the vote.

Almost a thousand years ago, King Edward III forbade the English kings to wear furs, considering it an impermissible luxury. The ban applies only to clothing, but fur collars and hats are permissible. True, the current ruler sometimes violates this rule. So in 1994, she came to Russia in a fur coat, and once she even came in her to a Christmas service in England, causing discontent among animal activists.

In general, strict requirements are imposed on the wardrobe of the royal family. Up to 8 years of age, boys are required to wear shorts, only after they have reached the specified age, they are allowed to wear pants. And black clothes are worn only as a sign of mourning. At the same time, even going on a trip, you need to take black clothes with you - suddenly one of the relatives suddenly dies.

There are many collectors of autographs of famous people in the world. But it is almost impossible to get the signature of any of Elizabeth's relatives as a souvenir - they are also forbidden to sign autographs. True, there are no rules without exceptions; in 2010, Prince Charles visited the city of Cornwall, which suffered from floods. One of the ladies was so insistent that the prince nevertheless deviated from the family's custom by writing Charles 2010.

Family travel is, of course, good. But, there is a risk that, in the event of any tragedy, the heirs may simply not remain. You have to be careful when flying on different flights.

The marriage of Queen Elizabeth to Philip was back in 1947. But even 70 years of marriage do not give the Queen's husband the right to go next to her, Philip must always follow two steps behind.

And these are not all prohibitions. For example, in the Queen's family, it is not customary to eat shellfish and crustaceans to avoid poisoning. They just say that Prince Charles often violates this prohibition, as he is a big lover of seafood.