What celebrities dreamed of becoming as a child

Despite the fact that the future star of American cinema Julia Roberts was born into a family of actors, as a child she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. She did not think about cinema at that time, probably, the example of her parents affected: they were far from the most popular actors and were interrupted by odd jobs. She decided to become an actress only after her brother Eric had already become quite popular in the world of cinema.

The father of the famous singer Alexander Buinov was a military pilot. It was him that little Sasha wanted to be like. He decided to take up parachuting, making his first parachute jump from the roof of the school. The student was severely punished, after which he decided to become a musician.

The Berezutsky brothers, who have played for the CSKA football club and the Russian national team for many years, dreamed of becoming firefighters. Moreover, they were preparing for their future profession thoroughly: according to the recollections of the brothers, Vasily was specially engaged in making fires, and Alexei extinguished them.

Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos, who became world champion in 2010, planned to become a bullfighter. True, he did not become a bullfighter, but on the football field, Ramos is distinguished by increased aggressiveness, which often leads to deletions.

But the great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, on the contrary, dreamed of becoming a football player. But, as a child, he seriously injured his leg and, during treatment, changed his plans, deciding to take up singing professionally.

Tina Kandelaki, following the example of her mother, decided to become a doctor, choosing for herself the specialty of a plastic surgeon. But she quickly realized that medicine was not her vocation and transferred to the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Tbilisi.

Chulpan Khamatova also chose a profession that was far from the stage after school. She submitted documents to the Kazan Financial and Economic Institute. She was enrolled there, but did not study to be an economist for a single day. Before the start of the school year, I took the documents and entered the theater school in Kazan.

French film star Pierre Richard dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood. But, his grandfather, who belonged to an old aristocratic family, objected to this. Pierre's decision to enroll in drama courses led to a break in relations with many relatives.

Bruce Willis, as a child, was very complex about his stuttering. Naturally, he could not even think about an actor's career. He had a completely different dream - to become a doctor to treat children for stuttering.

Vladimir Mashkov in childhood simply adored insects. His articles were even published in the magazine "Young Naturalist" and were highly appreciated by experts. Volodya even managed to find a red-bug in Novokuznetsk, which, as it was believed earlier, was found only in the European part of our country. After school, Mashkov entered the biological faculty of Novosibirsk University. He studied there for a year and went to the theater institute.