Interesting facts about dudes

It is difficult to say how the term "dudes" itself appeared. There is an assumption that he comes from the word "style", which in the language of jazzmen meant "to copy someone else's style." The version is quite probable, because the dudes really copied, as it seemed to them, the Western lifestyle. And someone argues more simply: "dandies" from the word "stylish". True, the dudes themselves did not call themselves that. They had another self-name in use - "shtatniki". That is, fans of the United States.

In the fifties, the assortment of clothes in the USSR was rather modest, and foreign fashion magazines were almost unknown in our country. But, at this time, Soviet athletes already regularly traveled abroad and could bring imported things from there.

But, the real revolution was made by the World Festival of Youth and Students, which took place in Moscow in 1957. It was then that farmers appeared in the capital who were engaged in the resale of foreign goods. They received huge money, however, and the period for such a "business" was not small.

Among the dudes, records with Western jazz music and rock and roll were extremely popular. But it was impossible to find them on free sale in the Soviet Union. But, a way out was found - the music was recorded on X-rays. These homemade gramophone records are called "my grandmother's skeleton" or "dances on the bones."

In large cities, dudes have their own gathering places. In the capital, these are Pushkin Square and Gorky Street. In Leningrad - Nevsky Prospect. Well, in Odessa, of course, there is the famous Deribasovskaya street. In dudes they were called differently - "Brody". Probably some combination of the words "Broadway" and "roam."

Of course, dandies were not favored in the Soviet Union, therefore, the image of dandies in Soviet art was caricatured - a dandy of a small mind, dressed brightly and tasteless. To be convinced of this, it is enough to watch films of the fifties and sixties.

The first dudes were representatives of the "golden" youth. Imported clothing was simply not available to a person with a small income. And tailoring from domestic craftsmen was also not cheap - you had to pay extra for "secrecy", the craftsmen worked at home and only with trusted clients.

In 1957, the Leningrad plant VARZ began production of new LM-57 tram cars. The new tram was decorated with chrome moldings, for which it quickly received the nickname "dudes".

In 2008, the film "Hipsters" was released on the screens of our country, filmed according to the script by Yuri Korotkov and directed by Valery Todorovsky. In order to give the picture the spirit of that era, the filmmakers consulted with the famous jazzman Alexei Kozlov, one of those who were among the dandies of the fifties. The second title of this film is "Boogie on the Bones". Precisely because of those gramophone records that were made from old X-rays.

In the sixties, the dudes subculture began to disappear. Former dudes have matured, and the new generation of Soviet youth has other hobbies - Beatles and hippies have replaced dudes.