Interesting facts about the war in Iraq

Interestingly, Iraq is the second largest oil producer in the Middle East. And the terrorists who killed many lives on September 11 were not Iraqis anywhere near. George W. Bush was absolutely uninterested in this fact when he declared Iraq a source of evil. The reason for the invasion was the alleged presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

• Iraq has a NATO contingent from 26 countries, but most of the military is from England and the United States.

• At times, the number of NATO troops in Iraq reached 46, 000.

• According to media reports, during the fighting in Iraq, the number of civilians killed was about 900, 000.

• 210 journalists were killed, 15 have gone missing since March 2003.

Interesting fact, a poll of 2, 000 Iraqis showed that 43 percent believed that life was better before the invasion, 36 percent said it was worse, and 22 percent thought it was about the same.

• During the war in Iraq 3, 904 NATO soldiers were killed and 28, 773 were seriously injured.