How Mikhail Lomonosov was a Prussian soldier

Everyone knows the story of how a village boy walked for three weeks with a fish caravan from Kholmogory to Moscow to enter the academy using forged noble documents. And his name was, as you might have guessed, Mikhail Lomonosov. A few years later, 12 talented students were selected for study abroad, and the future great scientist was among them. The guy was poor, but smart and talented, and also very obstinate. Several years later, he fell out with his leader, the German Genkel, and decided to complete his studies by returning to his homeland. And along the way, one fascinating adventure took place that could deprive our homeland of a scientific genius.

This is how it is described in the academic biography of Lomonosov in 1784:

“On the third day, passing Disseldorf, I spent the night near this city, in a small village, in an inn. Found there a Prussian officer with soldiers recruiting a recruit. Here a strange incident happened to him: our traveler seemed to the Prussians a good fish for their fish. The officer asked him to sit down with him in a courteous manner, have supper with his subordinates and drink together the so-called circular glass. During the table, the royal Prussian service was praised for him. Our traveler was so treated that he could not remember what happened to him at night. Awakening, I saw a red collar on my dress; shone it. He felt some Prussian money in his pockets. The Prussian officer calling him a brave soldier, meanwhile, let him know that, of course, he would find happiness by starting to serve in the Prussian army. Subordinates of this officer called him brother.

“How, ” answered Lomonosov, “am I your brother? I am a Russian, therefore, I am not related to you ... "-" How? - shouted a Prussian sergeant, - have you not quite slept or forgot that yesterday, in front of all of us, entered the royal Prussian service; beat the hands of the lieutenant; took and fraternized with us. Do not be discouraged and do not think about anything, you will fall in love with us, you are a kind fellow and fit for a horse. "

Thus, our poor Lomonosov became the royal Prussian reiter. The Prussian sergeant's stick sealed his mouth. Two days later he was taken to the Wessel fortress with other recruits recruited from the surrounding area.

He took, however, in himself a firm intention to break out of his grave condition at the first occasion. It seemed to him that he was being looked after more than other recruits. He began to pretend to be cheerful and fell in love with the soldier's life ...

The guardhouse was close to the rampart, the back window was to the ramp. Noticing that and looking for other conveniences for the planned escape, he boldly undertook it and made it happily.

He went to bed very early every evening; I was already getting enough sleep when the others on the bunk were still in their first dream. Waking up in the middle of the night and noticing that they were still sound asleep, he climbed out, as quietly as he could, through the back window; crawled onto the rampart and, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, dragged along it on all fours so that the sentries standing on the rampart would not notice. I swam across the main moat ... and I saw myself at last on the field. All that remained was to go beyond the Prussian border. He ran with all his might for a whole German mile. His dress was wet. "

As you understand, the Prussians did not catch up with Lomonosov and he, having wandered around Europe a little more, finally returned to his homeland.