The war over the wooden bucket lasted over 20 years

The reasons for the start of a war can be very different. For example, in the XIV century, the two Italian city-states of Bologna and Modena fought among themselves for more than twenty years. And hostilities began because of the very usual, which hung in Bologna at the well.

Soldiers from neighboring Modena entered here, stole something from the local population, and put their "battle" trophies in what came to hand - in an old wooden bucket. The authorities of Bologna expressed their indignation, moreover, they demanded to return, first of all, the bucket, since it was not private, but city property. But it was never returned to its rightful owners.

Perhaps it would not have come to a bloody clash, but Bologna and Modena were old enemies, the distance between cities is less than 50 kilometers. Therefore, for long goals the neighbors have accumulated many territorial claims against each other. And that such a reason - the bucket was stolen!

An urgent mobilization began in Bologna, soldiers from Florence and Romagna arrived to help the city. As a result, 2, 000 horsemen and about 30, 000 infantrymen were put under arms. Despite the fact that this army significantly outnumbered the enemy, the military campaign was not crowned with success: the Bolognese and their allies were defeated. After two hours of fierce battle, the army of Bologna wavered and fled. More than 2, 000 dead were left on the battlefield.

Modena, pursuing the fleeing enemy, broke into Bologna. They did not storm the city itself, they destroyed several small fortresses, taking prisoners. In addition, a dam was destroyed on the Reno River, which supplied Bologna with drinking water. As you can see, the warriors from Modena made it clear to the Bolognese people that now they would not need buckets at all, because the city's water supply was disrupted.

In order to finally humiliate the defeated, right in front of the fortress walls of Bologna, the Modenians staged a knightly tournament in memory of their dead comrades, and demonstratively took with them another bucket from the well next to the fortress. After that, the conflict continued for another 22 years. The opposing sides periodically exchanged raids on each other.

What happened to the first bucket stolen in Bologna? As the winners, the inhabitants of the city of Modena kept it at home. Until now, this relic is kept in the basement of the ancient tower of Modena. In addition, a copy was made from this bucket, which was hung in the Modenese Town Hall. The descendants of medieval knights, students from Bologna and Modena, annually arrange comic battles.

The winners are awarded a symbolic prize - an oak bucket. Interestingly, after the end of the war, Modena returned some trophies to the enemy, but not the bucket.

Of course, the real origins of the old feud between Bologna and Modena were more serious than the old bucket. The Bolognese supported the Pope, and the people of Modena were supporters of the Ghibellines, a political group that advocated limiting the power of the Vatican in the Apennine Peninsula. This confrontation ended only in the 15th century.