Facts about money and millions

The word "million", meaning a thousand thousand, was invented by the famous traveler Marco Polo. The Italian word "mille" means a thousand, and the ending "one" is magnifying, corresponding to the Russian ending "ische" or "looking for" in the words "house", "ruchischa" and others. The word "million" thus corresponds to the nonexistent Russian word "thousand". Marco Polo coined this word in order to describe the extraordinary wealth of the East.

The word "money" - a silver coin - in ancient Russia came from the Tatar "tanga". The coin originated among the Lydians (in Asia Minor) in the 7th century BC, then coinage penetrated into Greece. The pug, as a banknote, replaced all previously accepted units of payment - bread, livestock, metal bars and more. The first courtyard for minting coins was set up in ancient Rome in the temple of Juno Coin. Hence the name - coin.