The last joke of a millionaire

American millionaire Roger Dorcas, who died of heart failure, came up with a rather original way to leave his young widow with a nose. He made a will, according to which all his fortune passed to his dog Maximilian. In total, the millionaire's dog received almost $ 64 million, and the widow did not get a cent. But the story doesn't end there.

Roger Dorkas' wife is 24-year-old actress Wendy Dietrich, best known for her cameo role in his film Mighty Joe Young. Together they lived for only one year. There is no doubt about the reasons for the quick death of the millionaire, since both before and after the wedding he led a rather riotous bohemian life. His wife had nothing to do with his death, although she was the sole heiress of Roger Dorkas.

Apparently, the joy of the young actress, from the millions that suddenly fell on her, knew no bounds. But, it was too early to rejoice. After the real heir became known, Wendy Dietrich flew into a rage. According to his will, Roger bequeathed all the money to his dog Max.

Mrs. Roger Dorcas tried to take millions from the dog through the courts. But the court left everything as it is. Then Wendy began to look for another way to get her husband's money back. And oddly enough I found it.

Philip Goldstein, Roger Dorcas' attorney, told the widow about her husband's original sense of humor. Namely, that a couple of years ago, Roger, for fun, opened a bank account in the name of his dog. But when it was necessary to pay taxes, it was required that the dog, which became, as it were, a full-fledged citizen of the United States, had documents.

Dorcas did not hesitate to make all the necessary paperwork for the dog and even a social security card. So the dog Maximilian became a full-fledged citizen of the United States with a fortune exceeding 250 thousand dollars.

The enterprising widow, having learned about this, went to an unprecedented act: she married a dog, becoming its guardian - after all, according to the papers, the dog is a US citizen. One can only guess whether this "dog wedding" was meant by the millionaire joker from the very beginning, when he started this scam, or whether it was another legal loophole through which the young widow was able to take possession of the money.