How to do business on crutches

The idea to create such unusual crutches came from Laurie Johnson against the backdrop of a personal tragedy. In August 2002, she, her husband and little son were on a plane that crashed. Unfortunately, only Lori survived from the family, who became disabled due to a complex fracture of her leg. Repeated surgical procedures failed to get Johnson back on her feet, which was forced to use crutches that were uncomfortable and painful to her arms. Wanting to somehow cheer up, to feel positive, Laurie came up with the idea of ​​using bright colors to decorate her crutches.

The idea was implemented so successfully that many began to ask Laurie where she bought such crutches. And Laurie Johnson decided to open her own business producing designer crutches and other orthopedic products.

Orthopedic products 'LemonAid Crutches' are painted with good paint and then covered with bright fabric that is resistant to wear. Laurie says of these crutches: "They make me smile." Having lost loved ones, Johnson said goodbye to her former life forever and did not get out of depression for a long time. Therefore, her experience of founding LemonAid is truly unique. Not only that, the woman has opened a charity company 'Step With Hope', which provides support to people whose life situations are similar to Johnson's story. Charitable organization receives 50% of sales of unusual crutches.

LemonAid Crutches products are made from high-tech aluminum. Products are powder coated for maximum durability and are painted in vibrant colors. Crutches are available in three sizes - small, medium and high; and in ten colors. The 'CrutchWear' range of trendy cases and crutch bags are designed with enhanced comfort and functionality, and are designed to make their wearer stand out from the gray mass.

The LemonAid Crutches brand was acquired by CastCoverZ! Which today is the only one in the world to offer design solutions and fashionable crutch jewelry.