Worst gambler

American millionaire Terence Watanabe holds the record for losses: 5 million per game, 127 million in one year and $ 200 million over several years.

His family, back in the thirties, moved to the states from Japan, where his father, Harry, founded Oriental Trading Co. Naturally, Terrence and her sister, after graduating from school, began to work in the company of their father. Already in his twenties, as the eldest child in the family, Terrence, according to Japanese traditions, took over the management of the company. Thanks to his erudition and leadership skills, he made a large industry out of a small company, an income from which began to amount to 300 million annually. But in 2000, Terrence put the company up for sale. He decided not to overload himself with work anymore, but to devote time to patronage and entertainment, which he had previously constantly denied himself. He dabbled in various projects, gained fame as a philanthropist, tried to organize restaurants, but did not succeed in any of these activities and became addicted to casino games.

The first sign of disaster was coming when Terrence lost $ 21 million at the Wynn Casino. Due to his alcohol addiction and gambling addiction, Terrence was banned from appearing there, for his own good. However, this was only the beginning.

During 2007, Watanabe lost $ 127 million at the Rio Hotel and Caesars Palace, and this loss is still the largest in world history. He could sit for days in a casino, gambling at rates inflated especially for him. For example, he was allowed to play three-handed blackjack, betting fifty thousand on each box. He was also very fond of roulette and video slots. At the same time, he was not at all interested in theoretical game returns, strategies, or problems with addiction.

Plus, Watanabe was very generous. Often, he handed out hundred dollar bills to the casino employees right and left, even when he was in the red. In short, he was the perfect client, who only cared about the level of adrenaline in the blood.

The casino executives weren't bothered with ethical issues. A person wants to play - you need to help him. Terrence was frankly drunk with the best alcoholic drinks and was never discouraged from playing, no matter what state he was in. They gave him expensive gifts. For losses over half a million, he was given a 15% return (and he had to lose up to five million in one run).

In total, Terrence Watanabe lost about 112 million in these two casinos over the course of approximately one year, representing 5.6% of Harrah’s Las Vegas revenue. Moreover, he owes almost fifteen million.

Until 2009, Watanabe paid off his huge debt, and in the end was left without money, and did not pay it off to the end. After that, the trial began. The casino representatives argued that the player was criminally refusing to pay the balance of the debt. Watanabe objected, claiming that the casinos gave him drinks mixed with drugs to force him to keep playing. The casino denied giving him drugs, and numerous witnesses confirmed that Watanabe was sexually harassing and also used cocaine and smoked marijuana.

The process ended quite peacefully. Both sides decided that the litigation was drawing too much attention to them and damaging their image. They agreed that they would drop the claims, and Terrence would pay half a million dollars to cover the costs.