Interesting facts about the online poker giants

Poker is the only mind sports discipline that is constantly banned, called gambling, and practiced in casinos. Nevertheless, sport remains a sport, and this has even been recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which has carried out a number of studies that have proven the unambiguous sporting nature of gaming technology. In a long debate about what poker is, a fat point has been put. Although for Russia, for example, poker continues to be a gamble due to the fact that the law on legalization has not yet been adopted, and the government is in no hurry to correct this defect. However, this does not hinder the giants of the online poker industry - FullTilt and PokerStars. For twenty years they have been working freely on the territory of Russia and a number of other countries, and no one can prohibit them from doing this anymore. Among the interesting facts about poker, this story and several other industry records are not listed. Correcting this shortcoming, we talk about what fills the modern history of poker. An intellectual sport, which once found itself on the brink of extinction, but became the first precedent for the victory of some "wretched islets" over the world hegemon.

New Pirates of the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda are tiny island states, on the territory of which (in the offshore zone) there was once a giant of the poker industry - Full Tilt Poker. However, not only him - two dozen much smaller virtual rooms. However, this is not the point. The American authorities once wanted to show their strength. And, accustomed to total impunity, they took and banned online poker. Indeed, what is the economy of the huge States of some miserable islets, banana republics? But it was not there. The leaders have forgotten that they themselves have drawn up the rules of the WTO - the world trade organization, designed to protect the economies of the countries included in it. Or did you not think that in the banana lands there are enough brainy lawyers who will file a grand appeal? Apparently they didn't. And they took it and served it. The lawsuit against the US government was huge. Five percent of the island's population was employed just in the gambling business. And after the incident, FullTilt, having fallen under the wing and tutelage of his colleague PokerStars, moved to the Isle of Man in Ireland. Antigua and Barbuda, deprived of serious economic assistance, complained about the WTO. And they asked for 21 million compensation a year. But, as they say, the one who left cannot be returned. The giant of the industry left the islands, so the States had to pay with the help of their ... creative people. After a long bickering, Antigua and Barbuda received a completely official right to host American pirated content and sell it for $ 21 million a year. That is, for example, a fresh version of Windows will be released, the islands have the full economic right to stick software into the distribution of a national torrent like Pirate Bay, and no one decides to them. It's the same with music, movies, and even patents. Particularly vengeful Caribbean pirates promised to whistle the recipe for Coca-Cola and put it in access for one cent. But there is nothing to offend the little ones!

Quantitative records

Whether due to scandalous fame or simply due to general computerization, the sport of poker has gained insane popularity over the past twenty years. And today the tandem of Poker Stars and Full Tilt is divided between two hundred million players around the planet. For comparison, one hundred million is the entire population of Russia or two percent of the total number of people inhabiting the Earth, from New Zealand to the islands of Hawaii. Seventy million players are registered in Poker Stars, thirty in Full Tilt. Moreover, there can be no accusations that the same people are registered in two poker rooms. The principle of account unity does not allow. By registering in one virtual room, you no longer need to create an account in the second. You can go under your own.

However, there is no need to prove anything, offline competitions show how popular the poker giants are. In 2013, two hundred and thirty thousand players gathered at one of the Pokerstars tournaments with a record funny buy-in one dollar! In the Guinness Book of Records, this is the largest tournament in the discipline of intellectual sports.

Smallest state

Another record was set by Poker Stars in terms of the number of employees. The poker room has the smallest staff. There are only about a thousand of them. And this despite the fact that millions of people are playing in the room! However, precisely due to the fact that there are no superfluous people sitting on salary sinecure in the staff, each employee feels his individuality and demand, plus the company's profit is not divided into a million extra employees, so those who make up the elite of the poker room receive very decent salary. So much so that they are ready to work for three!

The most social project

Poker Stars set a record by winning the Most Social Responsible Format award for three consecutive years. The professional team of the poker room has a huge number of stars performing in charity events and raising money for children's hospitals. For example, good friends Rafael Nadal and Luis Ronaldo regularly organize such competitions, and collect hundreds of thousands for children's medical institutions.

Fastest Poker

The poker room Full Tilt invented the format of the most dynamic poker - Adrenaline Rush, in which there is a quick fold button that allows you to leave the table if the random number generator did not give the best pocket cards. In this case, the player instantly moves to another table, which allows you to play about a thousand hands within one hour, versus fifty in a normal standard game. Rush Poker was named the most intelligent time killer by a dozen American and British magazines specializing in online games.

What facts do you know about the poker giants?