An unusual catch of a Chinese fisherman

It is easy to understand the frustration of a fisherman who caught a foreign object instead of a fish. For example, an old boot, or something like that. But a certain Min Kwok, a fisherman from Hong Kong, was simply indignant when, in 2014, while checking his nets, he discovered in one of them a huge piece of wood with a diameter of more than three meters.

Naturally, the 58-year-old Chinese man's first desire was to throw this useless trophy back into the sea. But, unexpectedly, Min Kwok smelled a peculiar smell that came from the wood. Tearing off a piece of bark, the fisherman saw yellow oil on the tree, from which this rich aroma came.

Min Kwok's disappointment was replaced by delight: in front of him was a piece of scarlet, or as it is also called, eagle tree. Its timber is highly prized in Asia. The resinous substance secreted by wood is widely used in medicine and perfumery and costs a lot of money. By the way, it is mentioned in the Bible. And in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the scarlet tree absorbs the energy of the cosmos, therefore it has tremendous power.

Currently, it is possible to find this tree only in the impenetrable jungle, where it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to get, too many dangers lie in wait for an unprepared adventurer. Scarlet wood is mined only by local hunters, for whom the jungle is their home.

Having found a precious tree, it is cut into pieces and transported in parts to their villages, after which they are sold to buyers. These difficulties in harvesting are the main reason for the high cost of scarlet wood. Min Kwok became a real darling of fate, because he got this wealth quite by accident.

The fisherman brought his precious catch to the shore and showed it to specialists, who confirmed that this huge log is indeed a scarlet tree. One can imagine the fortune of a successful fisherman when he was told the approximate value of this treasure. An unprepossessing-looking piece of log was estimated at one billion Hong Kong dollars, that is, at 128 million US dollars, Min Kwok decided to sell his find, and part of the proceeds from it to spend on charity. I wonder if he will continue to engage in fishing or, having become the owner of a huge capital, will he find himself another occupation?

P.S. It was this information with reference to the well-known publication "China Morning Post" that was published on the Internet. However, it should be noted that, despite the fact that agarwood is indeed very expensive, the estimated value of the harvested piece of wood is greatly exaggerated. With a log weight of 600 kg and a price of $ 100 per kilogram, it turns out to be only about $ 60 thousand. If we take into account that the substance released by the tree (agarwood oil) costs up to $ 25, 000 per kilogram, then the price increases significantly, but it is unlikely to even reach a million dollars.