How an ordinary American became the richest person on Earth

Chris Reynolds, a modest resident of the American state of Pennsylvania, never imagined that he could become the richest man on the planet. True, only for a few hours.

One fine day, Reynolds, who was selling auto parts over the Internet, decided to check his balance on PayPal and was amazed to find that he had a tidy sum of $ 92, 233, 720, 368, 547, 800 on his account, that is, 92 quadrillion with a small change.

So on June 24, 2013, a 56-year-old American became richer than all people living on planet Earth. Suffice it to say that at that time the fortune of the Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, who occupied the first line in the Forbes list, amounted to some "miserable" 73 billion dollars.

Reynolds himself admitted in an interview that he did not believe in such happiness, deciding that it was just someone's joke. He never had more than a thousand dollars on PayPal. After a while, Chris checked his balance again, and it turned out to be zero, as it should have been. Where did the fabulous sum go?

Soon, the employees of the payment system admitted that the amount was credited to Chris Reynolds' account as a result of a technical error. Reynolds failed to become more than a million times richer than the Mexican Slim. As compensation, the American was offered to make a donation to charity, which will be paid by PayPal. What Chris decided is not reported.

But about where he would spend 92 quadrillion dollars, Reynolds willingly told reporters. In this case, the generous American would pay off the US national debt, which is $ 16 trillion. I would also buy the Philadelphia Phillies, the oldest baseball club in the United States, founded in 1883. At the same time, Chris added: "If I was offered a good price." Agree, for a person who has 92 quadrillion greenbacks on his account, bargaining over some trifle of several million is simply not serious.

By the way, in 2014 the volume of payments processed by Pay Pal amounted to $ 235 billion. It’s hard to even calculate how many years it would have taken the company to settle accounts with Chris Reynolds. And this despite the fact that it operates in 190 countries around the world and currently has more than 164 million users. And the company itself was founded in 1998, and among its founders was Max Levchin, a native of the Soviet Union, whose family has been living in the United States since 1991.