Stool treasure: almost like Bender's

The hero of the famous work of Ilf and Petrov, Ostap Bender, together with his partner Vorobyaninov, unsuccessfully tried to find treasures sewn into one of the chairs by Ippolit Matveyevich's mother-in-law. The "stool hunters" did not manage to find the coveted chair, although they traveled half of the country in pursuit of good luck.

But one married couple from England was much more fortunate than Bender and Vorobyaninov, however, they did not set themselves the goal of getting rich in this way. It all began a few years ago, when the Milner-Brauns bought an ordinary chair at a sale, paying a ridiculous sum of only 5 pounds for it.

Apparently, the new owners did not like the chair very much, and soon it was thrown into the attic, where it was gathering dust for quite a long time. Fortunately, Angus Milner-Brown remembered about an old purchase and decided to give the chair an appropriate look so that he would not be ashamed to put it in the house.

He pulled a chair out of the attic and began to tighten the upholstery. Suddenly, jewelry fell from under the old fabric. Angus decided not to tell his wife about the valuable find, but to please her in small portions.

On her wedding anniversary, Madame Milner-Brown received a diamond ring from her husband. After a while - diamond earrings, and then a brooch decorated with precious stones. Only then did Angus confess to his wife where he suddenly had such treasures.

Experts have estimated the products in the amount equal to 5, 000 pounds sterling. Quite a good investment of money, especially if you remember that buying an old chair cost the spouses a thousand times cheaper.

However, let's not envy the British: a similar story happened several years ago in our country. A Moscow restorer got hold of an armchair that had been taken out of Germany after World War II. In the USSR, it stood in the apartment of a party leader who died before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The restorer thought that the back of the chair was too hard, and he decided to open it. And Soviet banknotes of the 1961 model were sewn into the back. The total amount is about 50, 000 rubles. A fortune at Soviet prices. It is a pity that the banknotes have long gone out of circulation, therefore, they had no value. The disappointed restorer called this find the most valuable in his life, however, added that it is also the most useless.