Ostap Bender's dream came true for the actor

A million on a silver platter - that's what Ostap Bender dreamed of. True, the hero of Ilf and Petrov was unlucky: he did not find the cherished chair with diamonds, and, having become a millionaire in the Golden Calf, he could not leave for distant Rio de Janeiro.

But the actor Archil Gomiashvili, who brilliantly played Ostap in the film by Georgy Danelia, was more fortunate - he became the owner of a large fortune in just a few minutes. The actor's luck could have been envied by the great strategist himself.

At the end of the eighties of the last century, the actor found himself in West Berlin. Here he met an amazing person - Michael Field. Businessman Field began his path to financial well-being from the very bottom. Being already middle-aged, Field left the USA and moved to Germany, where he wrote his autobiographical book "Through the eyes of a taxi driver".

Gomiashvili was so interested in the book that he decided to make a film based on this work. The actor himself dreamed of playing the main character, and offered to become a director Valery Kharchenko.

Michael Field, although he was interested in the script, was in no hurry to help financially: the millionaire was not used to wasting money, and no one could give guarantees that the film would make a profit. Archil Gomiashvili found himself in a difficult situation, he not only spent all his savings on the film, but also got into considerable debts, which he was unable to repay.

Walking through Berlin with the last 100-mark bill, Gomiashvili noticed a casino sign and decided to take a chance. He put all the money on the roulette wheel on the number 23 - the actor was born on March 23, 1926. Unbelievable, but it was on this number that the win fell. Archil Mikhailovich already had 3, 600 marks in his pocket, but he decided not to stop there: he made a few more successful bets and soon became the owner of 130, 000 German marks!

True, this money was still not enough to shoot the film, and Michael Field did not dare to add the missing amount. But, surprised by the actor's persistence, he decided to thank him by donating 10 slot machines. The new business began to bring good dividends to Gomiashvili, but he could not live in a foreign land, he sold his gambling hall and returned to the Soviet Union.

However, even here he did not remain idle, even though the actor was already well over 60 years old. In 1992, Gomiashvili opened the Golden Ostap club in Moscow. The establishment quickly became popular in the capital: the club had a restaurant, casino and bar. As you can see, the role of Ostap Bender went to the advantage of the actor - the commercial vein of the great strategist clearly "settled" in him.